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No matter your age or interest, there's something for everyone: sport camps, online and in-person classes, workshops, educational camps, and more!

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Summer at SAU

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Classes, Camps, and More! Click below for details and register beginning in Spring 2018.

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Online, Hybrid, and In-Person Classes
Summer sessions are May 14- June 25 and June 25-August 3.

Why leave campus when you can stay here and get ahead on gen eds or classes for your major? You can also retake certain courses for a better grade and save money with a special summer tuition rate. The best part about taking a summer course is that it lasts only a few weeks!

Beginning March 1, you can register for classes and check class times via the online course searchNote: Up until registration, classes are subject to change.

Keep in Mind

  • Meeting with an Academic Advisor is strongly encouraged to discuss how class options work towards career aspirations/ degree completion.
  • If you have a hold on your registration placed by an administrative office you need to contact the noted office to discuss the problem and rectify the situation before the hold will be lifted. (e.g. Student Affairs, Student Accounts) 
  • In addition, check your emergency/missing person contact information on MySAU Portal. Failure to have updated contact information may restrict you from registration. Information can be updated on MySAU Portal under Student Self Service. 
  • Finally, academic departments may have entered class restrictions on courses and only the instructor teaching the class has the authority to override them or give you permission to register, but be forewarned that such approvals are rare.

Summer Courses

  • ART 235 Abstraction and Nature
  • CHEM 103A Principles of Chemistry
  • CHEM 103LA Principles of Chemistry Lab
  • *COMM 203 Interpersonal Communication
  • *EDGEOG 201 Physical Geography
  • *EDUC 284 Child and Adolescent Development
  • *EDUC 452 Diagnostic and Prescriptive Techniques of Teaching Reading
  • *EDUC 453 Reading Clinic: Advanced Teaching Practicum
  • *EDUC 460 Developing Evidence-Based Reading Instruction Programs
  • ENGL 240 Fiction into Film
  • ENGL 319 Writing About Place
  • *INTL 372 Managing Across Cultures
  • INTL 400 International Experiential Portfolio
  • *KIN 149 Wellness Concepts (2 sections)
  • *KIN 216 Exercise and Sport Psychology
  • WI-KIN 340 Nutrition Concepts
  • KIN 412/512 Sports Nutrition
  • KIN 560 Special Topics
  • KIN 600 Research Methods
  • KIN 602 Stats for Exercise Science
  • MATH 191 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I
  • MATH 191L Calculus and Analytic Geometry I Lab
  • MATH 192 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II
  • MATH 192L Calculus and Analytic Geometry II Lab
  • MATH 300 Probability and Statistics
  • *MUS 130 History of Rock and Roll
  • PHIL 207 Ethics
  • *PHIL 305 Business Ethics
  • *PHIL 310 Bio-Medical Ethics
  • *SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology
  • *SOC 342 Drugs and Society
  • *SOC 380 Special Topics in Sociology: Paranormal Society
  • *THEO 125 Racial Justice and the Christian Faith
  • THEO 250 Introduction to Comparative Religions
  • *THEO 319 Bioethics and Healthcare

*Taught online

K-8 and Pre-College

This summer, fill your brain with knowledge about engineering, chemistry, music, and more!

We have several opportunities for students ranging from Kindergarten through high school such as Mock Trial, Kids in Chemistry, writing camp, health sciences camp, and others.

Mock Trial Workshop
June 6-7
Who: High school students entering grades 9-12 in Fall 2018

A two-day summer program focusing on how to present the various parts of a mock trial case utilizing actual case materials. Learn how to make your openings and closings better, how to use the rules of evidence and how to be a better witness. The camp will conclude with competition, feedback, and awards.

Young Writer's Camp 
June 11-15, 8:30-11:30 a.m.
Who: Students who have completed 2nd through 8th grades
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Explore and create your personal writing. At Young Writers' Camp, you can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere among supportive peer authors while developing a community of writers. We will experiment with a variety of creative techniques and celebrate our work through a published anthology of writing from the contributions of our campers.

Specific locations on campus will be sent to registrants. Snacks provided each day. Tuition includes materials, daily snacks, and an individual copy of the group anthology of writing.

Kids and Chemistry Camp 
June 11-15, 9 a.m. to Noon
Who: Open to students currently in 4th or 5th grade in Spring 2018

Children learn signs of chemical change, solve problems with chromatography, identify mystery powders, create their own electric batteries, and participate in many other exciting hands-on chemistry activities. Space limited to 36 campers.

International Business Workshop
June 11-15
Who: Students entering 11th or 12th grade in the fall
Registration: Contact Patrick O'Leary by email or phone, 563-333-6118

This five, half-day workshop will introduce students to the international business environment through lectures and company visits. To conduct international business successfully, individuals and companies need an understanding of foreign markets, peoples and cultures, as well as economic and political systems that may be substantially different than what they are used to at home. Consequently, we will explore the critical factors a business may encounter in the international arena, especially those that may not be present, or perhaps not be so critical, in a wholly domestic business.

Race Into Engineering 
June 18-22 or June 25-29, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
Who: Students who completed 5th or 6th grades for 2017-18. Each session limited to 45 students.
Registration: Download information and application form (pdf)

Camp features concepts related to aerodynamics, force, power, and energy. Participants design CO2 dragsters, build the cars from wood, test the initial designs in a wind tunnel, improve the cars, and race the finished product. Additional activities focus on solving problems relating to engineering.

Robotics Camp 
June 18-22, 9 a.m.-Noon
Who: Students entering 4th or 5th grade in Fall 2018

Explore engineering and robotics through LEGO Mindstorms and NXT robots. learn about the engineering design process, coding, and complete missions with robots while working on a team and problem-solving. Cost of enrollment includes snack, materials, and a T-shirt.

Piano Camp
Dates: June 25-29
Who: Students entering 9th through 12th grade in Fall 2018

Students attend daily activities on the campus of St. Ambrose University, Galvin Fine Arts Center and Davis Hall. Every day, campers receive *daily lessons or group lessons, an improvisation/composition class, piano ensemble class where students can play duets with their fellow pianists, and have supervised practicing. On the last day, campers present a concert for their friends and family, showcasing what they learned throughout the week.

*All campers are asked to come prepared with a minimum of two pieces to work on during the camp.

The Fascinating Human Body 
June 27-28
Who: Open to students entering 11th or 12th grade in Fall 2018

This two-day workshop introduces students to the marvels of the human body as they explore the anatomy of cadavers and learn to appreciate the gift of body donation.

Students learn the anatomy of organ systems such as the cardiovascular system, investigate system functions, present their findings to the rest of the participants, and use experimentation to complete their understanding of these physiological systems. By the end of this workshop, students have a basic understanding of the structures and relationships of systems within the human body.

Model UN 
June 27-28
Who: High school students entering grades 9-12 in Fall 2018

St. Ambrose University High School Model United Nations (SAUHMUN) is a two-day conference at which key activities of various United Nations bodies are simulated. Representing a variety of countries, high school students - called "delegates" - sit in on General Assembly committees, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the International Press Delegation, and the International Court of Justice. By simulating these key activities, students have the opportunity to explore a wide range of current global issues, such as those concerning international conflicts, terrorism, nuclear weapons, HIV/AIDS, human rights, the population, poverty, trade, energy, globalization, and the environment through preparing draft resolutions and negotiating and building consensus with allies and adversaries.

Health Sciences Camp
July 16-20, 2018
Who: Open to students entering 7th or 8th grade in Fall 2018

Participants are introduced to a variety of health professions. Campers experience hands-on learning sessions provided by faculty and practicing clinicians. All activities are supervised by faculty and students currently enrolled in the health science educational programs. One afternoon involves participating in a job observation activity. Click here for more information or to download/mail-in registration

Engineering Boot Camp 
Aug. 6-10
Who: High school students entering grades 9-12 in Fall 2018

This camp gives high school students the opportunity to explore engineering fields in-depth by completing hands-on projects in multiple disciplines. Throughout the week students will develop skills in teamwork, problem-solving, and communication. In addition, there will be social and networking opportunities with current engineering students, faculty, and engineers from industry.

Digital Film Camp
Aug. 6-8, 9 a.m.-Noon
Who: Open to students entering 6th-8th grade in Fall 2018

Space limited to 20. Campers will bring their ideas to life as they learn about digital filmmaking. Participants will have the opportunity to be part of a creative team to produce 5-minute videos. Scholarships available. More information

Sport Camps

St. Ambrose University Athletics offer several summer camps for area youth.

Girls Basketball (entering grades 3-12) - Skills, Shooting, Competition, and Position sessions. Seven sessions beginning June 11.
Boys Basketball (entering grades 4-12) – Five sessions beginning June 18.
Football – Boys (entering grades 3-8). Two sessions beginning June 4.

Please visit for complete information including medical authorization and waiver forms.


Wine Tasting
May 19, 3-6 p.m.
The culmination of Wine Festival! Sample wine and gourmet food from local restaurants. Supports SAU scholarships.

Bee Happy Hour
June 14
Calling Ambrose Alumni from across the country! Find a city near you to celebrate SAU in this 10-year-strong tradition.

Bix 7 – Bee Cool Tent
July 28
Run the Bix 7 and afterward get refreshed at the Bee Cool Tent!

Star Parties
The beauty and vastness of space can be witnessed at the Menke Observatory during several Star Parties this summer. Each month promises a new vantage point with which to view constellations and celestial objects.

May 5
June 9
July 9
Aug 18
Sept 15


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