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Computer and Network Security

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The skills, purposefulness, and patience gained through studying computer and information sciences also prepare students for graduate school.

Computer and Network Security (CNS) prepares students for a position in the growing field of digital investigations and forensics.

Almost all data is now stored on some type of digital device, including mission critical data in a corporate setting, data as it is transferred from one location to another, and data from illegal activities. What once was internal is now exposed to a universe of external users.

It is important for computer and network security (CNS) professionals to provide access to legitimate users, prevent access by illegitimate users, maintain data integrity, and recover critical data. CNS courses focus on computer and network security along with criminal justice.

The program prepares graduates with the knowledge and skills needed to recover lost or deleted data, identify a timeline of potentially illegal activities, and perform in-depth investigations of server compromises.

For more information please email Mark L. McGinn.

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