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Candidate Assessment

Effective Fall 2012

Before gaining admission to the St. Ambrose Teacher Education Program, students must provide documentation of meeting the PRAXIS I Examination requirement. The composition of the test contains reading, writing and mathematics sub-sections comprised of multiple choice questions and essays. 

Praxis I

Passing scores of at least:
Reading: 175
Writing: 172
Math: 172

Please visit the ETS website to register, get more information, and find dates. This website also includes some sample questions of each test.

Contact Dr. Deanna M. Stoube, 563-333-6079

Digital Suitcase and Final Presentation

Novice teachers arrive at the classroom with a suitcase full of lesson plans, instructional strategies, assessments, teaching resources, classroom decorations and much, much more. As time goes by, however, the novice teacher becomes the experienced and thoughtful teacher. This teacher re-examines the contents of the suitcase and ultimately packs, unpacks and repacks the suitcase so that it contains the essentials of good teaching and learning. Such packing involves the continual reflection upon one's professional practice. As a candidate in the Teacher Education Program, you are both the novice teacher and student.

During your coursework at SAU, you will learn about and reflect critically upon Charlotte Danielson's Framework and Professional Dispositions of teachers. As both the student and future teacher, you will begin to pack, unpack and repack work samples from your courses as they relate to Danielson, Dispositions, and your area of specialization (i.e., early childhood, reading, history, physical education).

Near the end of your student teaching experience, you will present the very thoughtfully packed contents of your digital suitcase to a panel of faculty and professional educators during your final presentation.

Complete details regarding the Digital Suitcase and Final Presentation can be located in the TEP Candidate Handbook issued in EDUC 205/207 and on the forms page.


Praxis II

The Iowa Department of Education mandates every teacher completing a state-approved teacher preparation program after January 1, 2013 must take a content test AND a pedagogy test. Students will NOT be recommended for licensure until they have successfully passed these tests. Students can take the Praxis II test at any time prior to program completion.

The tests required depend on area and level of teaching degree. Please contact Dr. Deanna Stoube, Assistant Director School of Education to find out what tests and passing scores you will need to complete.

Please visit the ETS website to register, get more information, and find dates. This website also includes some sample questions of each test.


Teacher Education Appeal Process

Purpose of the Teacher Education Program Appeal Committee
The primary purpose of the Appeals Committee is to allow students in the Teacher Education Program (TEP) due process, as required by the Iowa Department of Education, Board of Educational Examiners, in the education major.

Therefore, the committee will review students:

  • whose overall performance academically is below the standard of 3.0 in the teaching content major, 3.0 in the education major, and/or 2.7 in the cumulative grade point


  • who wish an exemption from stated student teaching requirements or other TEP criteria.

Appeals must be initiated by the student through consultation with the Assessment Coordinator and follow the procedure outlined below:

  1. Obtain the petition form from the Assessment Coordinator.
  2. Fill out the petition completely.
  3. Submit the petition to the student's academic advisor for the advisor's comments.
  4. Submit the petition to the Coordinator.
  5. Receive timely notification of the Appeals Committee meeting date and time, which may be attended by the student and advisor.
  6. Receive results of the Committee's decisions by mail.
  7. May appeal the decision by filing a written petition to the Director of the School of Education.