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Master of Pastoral Theology


Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q: How long will it take to complete my Master of Pastoral Theology degree?
    A: Our rotation of courses permits students to complete their MPTh degree in a 4-year time period.

    Q: Is there a capstone course or project that I must complete prior to receiving my degree?
    A: Yes. We have what we call an Integration Thesis which is designed to encompass the many facets of theology and pastoral management that you have learned through your time in the Master of Pastoral Theology program. The paper must first be outlined by the student and then submitted to your advisor after which a timeline and work progress schedule will be determined.

    Q: What are people with Master of Pastoral Theology degrees doing with their degrees?
    A: Graduates are working in a variety of fields including Hospital Ministry, Youth Education, Adult Education, Formation programs, and parish administration. Some students got the Master of Pastoral Theology degree in order to enhance their volunteerism in their local congregations. They are leading bible studies, teaching catechism, serving on liturgy committees, etc.

    Q: What's the basic process to getting started in the program?
    A: See the Admissions process

    Q: Do you offer certificates?
    A: No, we do not offer certificate programs.

    Q: Do you have to be Catholic to be a part of Master of Pastoral Theology program?
    A: No. While the foundation of our program is Roman Catholic, all courses are broadly ecumenical, and the theological content is readily embraced by any mainstream Christian denomination. Prospective students should be aware that we practice a Historical-Critical approach to the Scriptures. Interested persons of all faiths are welcomed.

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