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Prospective Students: Which Ambrose Path is Right for You?

Undergraduate Admissions

First-year Undergraduate
• First-time freshman seeking a bachelor’s degree
• High school graduate or GED certificate holder

Transfer Student Admissions

• Attended another college
or university after high school
• Have earned at least 12 college credits

ACCEL Admissions

Adult Learner / ACCEL
• Working adults who prefer
a flexible schedule
• Complete a bachelor's degree started awhile ago

Graduate Admissions

• Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
• Seeking a master's or doctoral degree in advanced area of study

International Students

• Students come to St. Ambrose
from every corner of the globe
• Undergraduate and graduate
programs available

Returning Students

App for Returning Students
• Former SAU Undergraduate, Graduate, or ACCEL students
wishing to finish their degree