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Institutional Research and Assessment


Assessment Plans

Assessment and evaluation activities for the institution, academic programs, and co-curricular units are guided by the Institutional Assessment and Evaluation Plan. Plans for the Colleges of Business, Arts and Sciences, and Health and Human Services are located on MySAU Portal.

Academic Program Assessment Plans

Academic programs maintain assessment plans primarily through the annual assessment process. These assessment plans are available on the EPC Blackboard site. Click here to view the annual assessment process sample template.

Academic Program Review

In addition to the annual assessment process, academic program assessment activities are evaluated during the formal program review process conducted by the Educational Policies Committee. EPC requires programs to report the following assessment-related information:

For each academic department:
    • A statement of support from the Assessment & Evaluation Committee: 
        - Is the academic program performing appropriate assessment?
        - Does the program appear to be meeting student learning outcomes?
        - Identification of areas the program should work towards strengthening prior to the next review
        - Identification of areas of strength
    • An evaluation of resources and SWOT analysis based on trends in enrollment and productivity.

For each academic program within the department:
    • Program evaluation results from surveys, course evaluations, departmental achievements, or advisory boards
    • A collection of annual assessment forms submitted since the last program review
    • An explanation of how SLOs are appropriate to the program's mission and students
    • Documentation of how the program analyzes and uses evidence of student learning
    • A description of how faculty share responsibility for student learning and its assessment
    • A reflection on assessment results and a description of findings
    • Proposals to improve SLOs or curricular requirements
    • A description of how the program evaluates and improves its assessment efforts
    • A description of how the program informs stakeholders of student learning

The EPC Blackboard site maintains program review documents from all academic programs.

Co-curricular Program Review

Co-curricular program activities are evaluated through the formal Academic Support Committee evaluation review process. Beginning in Fall 2005, all co-curricular and administrative offices or departments that consult with the Academic Support Committee (ASC) were required to submit an evaluation plan to the ASC. The plans were expected to contain:
    • A mission statement
    • Goals and objectives
    • Specific plans for evaluating/assessing the goals and objectives
    • A timeline for implementation
    • A support statement from the supervising Vice President

The Academic Support Committee schedules a review of each co-curricular unit every five years, similar to the academic program review process conducted by the Educational Policies Committee.

Click here for the most recent Student Affairs Year in Review (pdf)