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Campus Ministry offers a variety of retreat opportunities for students to develop their faith lives. Growing in faith takes commitment and time, and retreats help students to take the time necessary to strengthen their faith. Some of the retreats we offer include:

Antioch Retreat - This retreat takes place over a weekend away from campus and provides students the opportunity to develop their faith lives in community with fellow students. Held once each semester.

Busy Student Retreat - For students who want to have a little more reflection in their lives, but find it difficult to get away for a long period of time, this retreat provides students an opportunity to spend some time in prayer and reflection with a spiritual guide, only requiring an hour each day and without having to leave campus. Held once each semester.

Social Justice Retreat - Come away and learn more about Catholic Social Teaching, the social justice history of St. Ambrose University, and what you can do to make a difference. Held in the fall.

Contact us to learn more about our retreat offerings!