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Peer Campus Ministers

Who are Peer Campus Ministers?

Peer Campus Ministers are undergraduate students who work with the Campus Ministry staff to develop and coordinate opportunities for spiritual development and faith sharing in the Residence Halls. They are selected based on their demonstrated leadership, experience, spiritual maturity, and desire to help their peers grow spiritually. PCMs help Campus Ministry's outreach to all of our students by encouraging:

    • Faith sharing experiences and prayer opportunities for their residents
    • A strengthening of the Residence Hall community through faith sharing groups, programming, and service opportunities
    • Connecting that community to the larger St. Ambrose University community

Our Peer Campus Ministers will use the gifts that God has given them to grow in their own faith and leadership, while sharing their faith with others, and encouraging the growth of their residents. As Campus Ministry at St. Ambrose University aims to serve all of our students regardless of religious affiliation, so too will the PCMs look to support all of our students in their spiritual development.

2017-18 Peer Campus Ministers

Group of 2017 peer campus minister students.Top Row Tammy Norcross-Reitzler - Director of Faith Formation & Peer Campus Ministers
Clay Colborn - Rohlman Hall
Elizabeth Braun - Hagen and Tiedemann Halls, Townhouses
Terrence Shubert - Cosgrove Hall

Bottom Row
Morgan Wollesen - Davis Hall
Kristina Koos - Bechtel Hall
Alyssa Goldermann - McCarthy Hall
Katie Galuska - North Hall
Jenny Dickes - Franklin Hall

Not Pictured
Claire McCarthy - Cosgrove Hall
Abby Hammer - Hagen and Tiedemann Halls, Townhouses