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The Bee Connection: For Alumni

You've graduated from St. Ambrose, and gone off and done wonderful things with not just your career, but your life. Consider sharing your stories of success, and your times of challenge and change, with current students at your alma mater through The Bee Connection. Sign up for The Bee Connection now!

How the Program Works

  • An alumnus or friend of the university signs up online and will be put into an online database. By filling out the form the alumnus or friend of the university is NOT guaranteed that they will be contacted. 
  • Students can search the database by city, state, vocation, major, metro area or name to find an individual who can answer their career related question. 
  • The student will then e-mail the individual to ask a career related question, like requesting a job shadow/informational interview, ask how they got started in their field, gather relocation information, request a resume critique, etc. 
  • It may be as simple as the student asking one question or there may be a connection and a long-term relationship will form. It is up to the student and alumni/friend of the university to decide.

Benefits for Students
  • Greater understanding of a specific field of work.
  • Assistance in setting and achieving professional goals.
  • Enhanced knowledge of networks available and networking.

Benefits for Alumni/Friends of the University
  • Give back to the St. Ambrose community and students.
  • Satisfaction from helping students or fellow alumni grow and develop.
  • Enhanced coaching skills.
  • Access to future professionals.

Consensual Relationships and Sexual Harassment Policies