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Catich Gallery

Created in 1985 as a memorial to the Rev. Edward M. Catich—founder of the St. Ambrose College Art Department in 1939 and world-renowned calligrapher, stone incisor and artist.

This intimate gallery was re-configured in 2002 to host contemporary art exhibits featuring the work of regional and national artists as well as faculty and seniors graduating with honors.

Catich Gallery Exhibition: Recent Work by Heidi Draley McFall

Catich Gallery exhibit: Recent Work by Heidi Draley McFall

DeWitt-based artist Heidi Draley McFall presents recent large scale drawings based on photographic imagery.

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In the Morrissey Gallery:  Pushing Paper, New Work by Dawn Wohlford

Morrissey Gallery: Dawn Wohlford - Pushing Paper

Hand cast paper forms by local artist Dawn Wohlford.

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