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Catich Gallery

Created in 1985 as a memorial to the Rev. Edward M. Catich–founder of the St. Ambrose College Art Department in 1939 and world-renowned calligrapher, stone incisor and artist.

This intimate gallery was re-configured in 2002 to host contemporary art exhibits featuring the work of regional and national artists as well as faculty and seniors graduating with honors.

The Catich Gallery is a member of the Association of College & University Museums & Galleries (ACUMG).

Laurel Farrin and Jim Shrosbree

Jan.15 | Laurel Farrin & Jim Shrosbree

Both artists' work opens the floor to conversations on materiality and the "thing" - both in the physical and conceptual sense.

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Bombs and Buffalos

Feb.26 | John Hitchcock: Bombs and Buffalos

John Hitchcock uses the print medium—with its long history of social and political commentary—to explore relationships of community, land and culture.

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Catich Gallery Exhibition

April 9 | Faculty Exhibition

Featuring the work of five art faculty members

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10th Annual Catich Exhibition - "Home"

June 13 | 10th Annual Catich Exhibition

Featuring works by Fr. Edward M. Catich - world renowned liturgical artist, calligrapher, painter, and stone incisor - who was the founder of the Art Department at St. Ambrose University. The works featured will perhaps open the door to connections between Fr. Catich's home life and work.

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