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Decade of Diversity


In the spring of 2010, alumnus Jim Collins developed the Decade of Diversity, a document to capture pragmatic steps to enhance the St. Ambrose University stated value of diversity. Using the Diversity Work Group (DWG) strategic priorities, 101 initiatives were generated to guide campus initiative for a 10-year period for the purpose of creating a vision for our efforts.

Here are highlights of what we have accomplished that address some of the 101 items in the Decade of Diversity:

  • The second annual Freeman Pollard Scholarship Breakfast was March 21, 2013. Current fundraising to date has exceeded $50,000 (DD Goal #1).
  • The sign project to recognize Marquette Boulevard, designated by the city as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Memorial Parkway, was completed in August 2012, with the installation of the final of 55 signs placed at each intersection.
  • St. Ambrose provided a minority student orientation August 18-19, 2012, with 26 students committed to the 2-day program. Local alumni, faculty and staff supported what will become an annual event (DD Goal #4).
  • DWG representatives are hosting student focus groups to better understand what the diverse student experience is and what initiatives might better support diverse student persistence to graduation.
  • A DWG sub-committee is currently assessing the amount of diverse material infused in the curriculum to then consider recommendations for how to further shape the curriculum (DD Goals 7-11).
  • The Alumni Association designated two individuals to serve in a liaison capacity with the DWG and donated $1,000 to the Freeman Pollard Scholarship Endowment Fund (DD Goals 5 and 6).
  • St. Ambrose admissions staff has expanded focus into markets such as Milwaukee, St. Louis, Chicago, and Puerto Rico with a focus on school districts that will yield a higher level of diverse student identities (DD Goal 16).
  • The DWG and human resources staff are exploring and implementing current hiring practices that might yield a faculty and staff composite that is reflective of the Quad Cities Area diversity composite with respect to diverse identities (DD Goal #17).
  • The College of Arts & Sciences annual theme for the 2012-13 academic year was Race Matters and was highlighted with a presentations by Cornel West, Joe Feagin, Lula Washington Dance Theatre, Callie Crossley, and Bryan Massingale (DD Goal 28).