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How Are You Thanking Your Parents On Graduation Day?

October 2004

Behind every graduating Ambrosian stands the people who truly made it all possible: the family and friends who always believe in you and your dreams. Here's how some of spring graduates said they'd thank mom and dad:

Lisa Randazzo, MBA graduate
"I'm thanking my parents by going out to dinner with them and expressing how much I'm thankful for all they've done for me."

Matt Ghiglieri, CIS graduate
"I'm getting off their payroll."

Wendi Harris, Computer Science graduate
"I think I will let them hold on to my degree, yea they can have it, that's what I'm doing."

Matt Hoershelmann, Management graduate
"I'm going to give them a big hug and take them out to dinner."

Kristen Guernsey, Radio/TV graduate
"To celebrate graduation and Mother's day, I gave my mom a card and thanked my parents for their support and encouragement and for always backing me up."

Dan Camarena, CIS graduate
"I gave them a really big hug, and I graduated, I finished up."

Linda Maxwell, MBA graduate
My mom flew in from Pittsburgh, Penn., and we've had a really nice weekend. I got corsages for her and the rest of my friends and family."

Ricky Shepard II, Sociology graduate
"I'm handing my mother my diploma."

Jill Sims, Education & Spanish graduate
"I'm going back home to live with them."

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