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February 2011

The scenes, songs, plays and musicals are the main attraction to the prestigious Kansas City American College Theatre Festival, but some lesser known–yet just as worthwhile attractions–are the workshops, dances, and overall bonding experiences that the students go through.

The SAU crowd attended several daily workshops of their choice, ranging from design to acting, to directing or even nutrition! Students found themselves learning to become better performers, writers, and even learning the basics of another trade in theate: an actor becoming a tech or a tech becoming a costume designer. After a day of classes and hands-on workshops, participants were welcomed to a nightly dance where all the schools gathered, and the themes were off the wall! There were themes such as Rocky Horror, Lady Gaga, and Heroes vs. Villains, lasting from 10:30 p.m. until 1:30 a.m.

SAU's Stage Crew Showdown team, "Don't Touch Me," who had won the last two years in a row, made it to the finals round with three other teams this year, earning favorable reviews and times and finishing in the top four of the competition. The team consisted of Tyler Reinert '12, Josh Tipsword '11, Stephen Miller '14, and Dan Conlin '13. Congrats to the team!

Some individual students, Kristen Jett and Catie Osborn, found themselves participating in the Project Runway workshop, where talented designers were encouraged to show off their skills through a number of challenges, such as a Shakespearean costume on an animal! The girls had a blast and learned numerous tricks of the trade that will be brought back to the costume shop.

Between all the workshops, dances, and performances, SAU found themselves meeting interesting and lively fellow competitors and performers. When the week was done, the students had had many valuable experiences, as well as bonding with their peers.

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