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Summer: There's no time to slow down

May 2011

As the school year draws to a close, events in the SAU Theatre Department are dwindling. However, several students–Stephanie Seward '13, Val Zawada '13, Tyler Reinert '12, Dan Conlin '13, and Aaron Randolph III '12–will continue their theatre education through some summer experiences.

Seward will be spending her summer in Chicago working at the Beverly Arts Center, a cultural center that offers classes in music, art, dance, and theatre and also houses a rotating, contemporary art exhibit. This summer she will direct Sleeping Beauty with 7-, 8-, and 9-year-olds, as well as running a "Broadway Babies" camp and a "Split Second Improv" camp.  "I really can't wait," says Seward, "I haven't really worked with kids before so it will definitely be a new and undoubtedly interesting experience!"

Zawada will prepare to direct Toni Press-Coffman's Touch in the SAU Studio Theatre this fall. Several production meetings will be held this summer to get things in place for the production and its rehearsals, which will start August 15. Additionally, Zawada will be planning out all the blocking for her show, which are directions given to actors about where and when they move onstage. Because the show has some content that isn't necessarily ordinary, Zawada has another piece of work cut out for her this summer.  "I will be researching poetry and astronomy," she says, "I'm excited to get started."

Reinert has several projects for the summer, all in the theatre!  He will be designing the lights for Zawada's fall studio production of Touch, as well as developing scenic designs for both the fall musical, A New Brain, and Aaron Randolph III's original children's musical, which is to be produced by the SAU Theatre Department in December 2011. In addition to all of this, Reinert will be working in the SAU scene shop this summer under Kris Eitrheim.

Conlin will be spending his summer in Aurora, Ill., at Theatre 901. For their production of Alice in Wonderland, Conlin will be performing the work of the sound designer and technical director. As sound designer, Conlin will be responsible for finding sound effects for the production, as well as setting them up to be used during the production. As technical director, Conlin will oversee and help with the construction of the set for the show, as well as any other technical elements.

Randolph has several theatre-related projects for his sure-to-be-busy summer. He will be the scenic designer for Zawada's fall studio production of Touch, which means he'll be spending a lot of time designing the set as well as constructing it this summer. Randolph also will be revising and rewriting his kids' show which is to be produced by the SAU Theatre Department in December 2011. On top of all this, Randolph will be writing a completely new play.  "I plan to do most of these things sitting in my back yard while my kids play outside," he says.

Although the 2010-11 SAU Theatre Department's season is at its end, students will continue to use the knowledge and experience they've gained to aid their summer projects!

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