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DPT residency program re-credentialed for 10 years

December 2011

Our Credentialed Clinical Residency Program in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy has been up and running for already five years. As is typical for this type of program, earlier this year it went through the re-credentialing process. This involved submitting the required documentation, which included a thorough review of the curriculum and learning outcomes along with demonstrating how the program meets the standards set forth in the Description of Specialty Practice for orthopaedic physical therapy.

A two-member site visit team met with our faculty, current and past residents, and the physical therapists at Rock Valley Physical Therapy who provide the mentoring during patient care. In September, we received wonderful news from the American Board of Physical Therapy Residency and Fellowship Education. Our Orthopaedic Clinical Residency Program was re-credentialed for another 10 years, the best possible outcome!

Our physical therapy residency program is one of 88 in the country, with only less than half focused in orthopaedic physical therapy. Additionally, St. Ambrose is the only residency program in Iowa. Graduates of the residency program have been very successful and found the educational experience meaningful.

To date, we have graduated 15 individuals, with three more scheduled to complete the program in January. Four graduates now serve as mentors for our current residents, with 11 successfully achieving orthopaedic clinical specialization through the American Physical Therapy Association. Currently, the residency program admits four individuals each year. St. Ambrose University DPT students apply during their second year in the DPT program and start the residency program after graduation.

Congratulations to the Orthopaedic Clinical Residency faculty and residents. We are truly proud of their accomplishments.

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