An Internship is a short-term work experience in which you receive training and gain experience in a field or career area relative to your major. It allows you the opportunity to explore careers and apply what you're learning in the classroom.

Internships may be full- or part-time depending on the time of year they are completed. They may last from 90 days to a semester or longer. Internships are available in a variety of fields including healthcare, education, business, arts, and science disciplines. They may occur in the private sector, government, or not-for-profit organizations.

By completing an internship students:

  • May be eligible to earn academic credit.
  • May/may not receive pay for the experience.
  • Are able to explore career options.
  • Develop professional networking contacts that can increase their chances of landing a full-time position after graduation.
  • Build professional experience into their resume.

More About Internships

EXPL 201 Notation


Experiential Learning (EXPL) 201 is a non-credit notation on your transcript. This transcript notation shows that the university recognized this experience as a valid internship.


  • EXPL 201 is a great option for students who cannot receive academic credit for their internship or cannot afford to pay for academic credit during the summer.  
  • As part of the documentation process (below), you will create learning objectives that will be sent to your supervisor stating what you hope to learn from the experience. This puts you in charge of your learning, so you can obtain the skills that will make you more marketable for full-time positions.
  • Your supervisor will complete a performance evaluation at the midpoint and the end of your internship. This feedback will be helpful in securing additional internships and full-time positions in the future.
  • If you live on campus in the summer, you can get a 50% discount on your housing - you can't beat that!
  • You will blog about your internship. This will help you reflect on the experience and skills you have gained, so you can share this during future interviews.


  • Professional experience which relates to student's major field or area of career interest
  • At least 80% of time spent completing professional work
  • Lasts at least one academic term (fall, spring or summer)
  • Requires continuous supervision by a professional in the field (not a student)
  • Must work at the internship site for a minimum of 75 hours
  • Cannot be repeated at the same site
  • Student MUST complete the internship documentation process 
Internship Documentation

Secured an internship? Fill out the forms below to receive academic credit or EXPL 201 (non-credit transcript notation)



  • Email the link to this online performance evaluation to your supervisor at midpoint and two weeks prior to the end of your internship. Politely ask them to complete the online performance evaluation as part of the internship process at St. Ambrose University.

AFTER THE INTERNSHIP (and AFTER completing all of the above)

  • Complete the Internship Checklist – This signifies you have completed all of the above steps and are ready to receive academic credit or EXPL 201 (non-credit transcript notation).


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Career Center
Rogalski Center, 2nd floor
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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