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Don’t just step through the world. Immerse yourself, fully, in the world. Study abroad.

Wherever you are standing, look around. See the people, the place, feel the energy that surrounds you. Then, envision what lies beyond. Way beyond. 

Study abroad lets you experience the world, explore a new culture, and gain perspective. The conversations you'll have with your classmates abroad, the celebrations and traditions you'll take part in across the world, and the community you'll join will help you understand that what makes us different also brings us together in a marvelous, enriching way.

Our International Education staff works with students from outside the U.S. and those wanting to Study Abroad or join the Peace Corps Prep program.

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More than 134 international students call SAU home and are involved in all aspects of St. Ambrose University, from student clubs and government to athletics and volunteering in the community.

Read about Michael Ohioze '17 from London, England

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A professor is an educator, but at SAU, our professors are so much more. Our students are drawn to our small classes, one-on-one attention, and the priority placed on their education by the educator that stands before them, and walks with them, throughout their undergraduate career.

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Study Abroad is affordable!

Don't just step through the world. Immerse yourself, fully, in the world. Study abroad. Live in a place you've only imagined, study and become a member of the community who shares equally in their joys, challenges, and traditions. Take a profound journey, one you'll never forget.

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TEDx Talks: Davenport
by Dr. Jodi Prosise, Engineering

By developing simple, affordable, sustainable, and adaptable assistive technologies, we can empower those with disabilities to help themselves and their neighbors. Jodi Prosise, Associate Professor of Engineering at SAU, leads a study abroad trip to Brazil where students develop assistive technologies for the disabled.

Mechanical Engineering at SAU


International Education
Ambrose Hall, Room 239
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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