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Those years of high school really flew by, didn't they? And now your son or daughter is going off to college. Pat yourself on the back and take a high five, because they didn't do it alone!

And honestly, they still won't. But the kind of help and nudging they receive now will take different forms. They'll have an advisor, peers in study groups, professors as mentors, and supervisors at an internship that will help them grow and mature into a self-sufficient and well-rounded adult.

For the most part, you can learn what being an Ambrosian is all about through the Undergraduate Admissions website. However, there are some topics that you, as parents/guardians, might find particularly interesting and helpful as you take these steps to college along with your child.

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All the Comforts of Home

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A residence hall is more than a place to live; it's a place to live with purpose and compassion. With 24/7 security, weekly housekeeping, and Resident Assistants on each floor, students living on-campus are surrounded by people who care and want them to succeed.

ResLife at SAU

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St. Ambrose University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

In addition to accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission, we also retain several specialized accreditations as well.

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Undergraduate Majors and Programs


St. Ambrose offers more than 60 undergraduate majors and programs! This enables you to personalize your studies early when you apply for college admission.

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First-Generation Students
We Celebrate You!

SAU appreciates the strength, persistence, and grit of first-generation students and all they contribute to our campus community. In 2018, we celebrated National First-Generation Day to recognize 320 current students who will 'Bee First!' in their families to earn college degrees, as well as 90-plus faculty and staff who also earned that distinction.

Moving to Campus

Helping Your Child Get Prepared

St. Ambrose University's Residence Life works with selected external vendors in providing additional amenities to our residents. You can read about those under Linens and Lofts and Care Packages.

Moving to a residence hall will be a new experience for you and your child, so we've also provided a helpful packing list.

What to Pack
  • alarm clock
  • bedding
  • hangers
  • lanyard
  • laundry soap and supplies (doing laundry here is free!)
  • shower caddy (handheld)
  • desk lamp
  • study needs (reference books, stapler, paper clips, etc.)
  • towels

Optional Items

  • Calendar
  • microwave (<700 watts)
  • fan (for Davis)
  • iron/tabletop ironing board
  • dry erase memo board for room door
  • TV
  • computer
  • carpet or rugs
  • plants, posters, and decorative items
  • indoor grill
  • mini fridge (4 cubic feet or less than 650 watts)
  • hot pot
  • scissors
  • small sewing kit
  • speakers
  • lofts (see Linens and Lofts below)

Not Allowed

  • halogen lamps
  • toasters
  • pets (except fish) 
  • candles and incense
  • pizza cookers (and other open burner items)
  • homemade lofts
  • shower caddy (those that hang on shower heads)
Linens and Lofts


Residence hall rooms contain extra-long beds (36" x 80") which require extra long linens to comfortably fit the mattresses. Student Services has an agreement with an outside vendor to provide these linens through Residence Hall Linens and Bedding. Students will receive a letter and order form in the mail during the summer that describes the products and special packages available. Make sure to order by the deadline to ensure linens arrive at home before departing for campus.


If your student would like extra space in their residence hall room, consider renting a loft. Lofts are a great way to maximize space and they are delivered to your room so they're waiting for you when you arrive on move-in day.

Students wanting to loft their beds in single rooms in Davis, Hagen or North Hall must use the materials provided in their rooms. Students living in all other University housing must use lofting materials rented from College Products at College Products also sells durable futons and safes with delivery for all residence life buildings on campus.

Send Some Love

Care Packages

Care packages are a great way to let your student know you are thinking of them.

Care packages are available for Move-in Day, Halloween, Fall finals, Valentine's Day, and Spring finals.

You will receive a letter in the mail during the summer that describes the packages; order by the deadline so your student is sure to receive their care package.

St. Ambrose works with Basket Bowtique, a privately-owned gift shop in Cedar Rapids. All packages are handmade, individually wrapped, and personally delivered to campus. Proceeds from care packages help fund programming and community-building efforts by SAU Residence Life.

Download the pack descriptions or pick one up at First Year Orientation. Click here to place your order online or view all packages.

Multi-Package Discount

Purchase a single care package or get a discount with either the Ambrose Plan – which includes all five packages (minus the Healthy Option) – or the Ambrose Healthy Plan – which includes the Move-In Pack plus four Healthy Option Packs – for $114.

For more information, call the Residence Life office 563-333-6258 or send an email.

Move-In Pack

The Move-In Pack ($33) comes in a reusable, hard-plastic container that is perfect for storing various odds and ends. In addition to energy-inducing snacks and drinks, this pack comes with everything below and some other essentials, such as a deck of playing cards! (Order by Noon: August 22; Delivered on: August 29)

• Popcorn
• Oreos
• Chex Mix
• Cookies
• Nutri-Grain Bars
• Skittles
• Gardettos
• Deck of Playing Cards
• Fruit Snacks
• Bottle of Water
• Twizzlers
• Cheez-It Crackers
• Trail Mix
• Suckers
• Gatorade
• Animal Crackers
• Hot Chocolate

Halloween Pack

The Halloween Pack ($23) is a reminder of the fall season, with favorites such as apple juice and candy corn. Those traditional items, balanced with a combination of Halloween treats and healthy snacks such as pretzels, create a well-rounded approach to get your son or daughter through fall midterms. The package comes in a clear bag, decorated with Halloween tissue paper to give it a spook-tacular appearance! (Order by Noon: October 24; Delivered on: October 31)

• Hot Chocolate
• Candy Corn (2)
• Apple Juice
• Blow Pops
• Mini Pretzels
• Cheez-It Crackers
• Oreos
• Three Musketeers Bar
• Halloween Candy

Fall Finals

The Fall Finals Pack ($23) is a stress-busting favorite that arrives in a popcorn bucket tied with Ambrose colors. As the tension and anxiety of finals creeps in, students will be able to kick back with some comfort food to relieve that stress – and maybe use the packaging to enjoy a movie or two! (Order by Noon: Nov. 28; Delivered on: December 5)

• Popcorn
• Doritos
• Cheetos
• Combos
• Animal Crackers
• M&Ms
• Starburst Candy
• Skittles
• Junior Mints
• Tootsie Pops
• Cans of pop (3)

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Valentine's Pack

The Valentine's Pack ($23), packaged in a red box with a big Valentine's ribbon as a reminder of your love, shows your student that you're thinking of them when they're away at school. Although the weather outside might be cold, you're going to warm your student up with some cocoa and "red hot" cinnamon candies. (Order by Noon: Jan. 30; Delivered on: February 6)

• Chocolate Box
• Fruit Punch Gatorade
• Bottle of Water
• Skittles
• Hershey's Chocolate Bar
• Twizzlers
• Hot Tamales Candy
• Cinnamon Popcorn
• Suckers 

Spring Finals

The Spring Finals Pack ($23) comes in a blue or white canvas bag, to complement SAU's colors. Full of recharging treats and drinks, this pack is sure to keep your student's energy level up for all those late nights of reviewing and cramming! (Order by Noon: April 20; Delivered on: April 30)

• Bottle of Water
• Bottle of Juice
• Oreos
• Chex Mix
• Fruit Snacks
• Granola Bars (2)
• Pop Tart
• Goldfish Crackers
• Popcorn

Healthy Option

The Healthy Option Pack ($23) comes in a white, reusable container. This package cannot be ordered in place of the Move-In Pack or Ambrose Plan.

This pack can be delivered at any time of the year; use the deadlines for the above packages to determine order and delivery dates.

• Bottle of water
• Flavored water packets
• Oatmeal
• Peanut butter
• Peanuts
• Dark chocolate
• Protein or nut bars
• Dried fruit
• Trail mix
• Veggie chips


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So, what's next?

Are you ready to take the next step? St. Ambrose offers more than 60 programs and 29 athletic teams and sports to join on campus. Become an Ambrosian today!