Making an Investment

A St. Ambrose education is totally worth it

Tuition and Fees

It doesn't matter if you are pursuing an undergraduate degree or a doctorate. You are making an investment in yourself and your future when you enroll at SAU.

When you're accepted at SAU, our Financial Aid officers begin developing a personalized, generous financial aid package that can include academic, athletic, and minority scholarships; federal and state grants; work study money; and graduate assistantships. We work with every single student and family to develop a plan that meets your needs. We also offer a flexible tuition payment plan that does not charge interest.

Just look at the stats for our undergraduates:

  • $33,290 = Undergraduate tuition for 2021-22 at St. Ambrose (12-18 credits)
  • 91% of our first-year students applied for financial aid.
  • 100% of our first-year students received financial aid.

For graduate students, we offer a number of assistantships that can reduce your total tuition cost and some even provide a stipend. These are not teaching assistant (TA) positions. Instead, you work side-by-side with faculty and get to use and grow your knowledge by assisting them with research and other projects. Or, by helping coach, promote, or train student-athletes. Or, by working with departmental staff.

Most graduate assistantships require 10-20 hours per week. Click below to see your opportunities or contact us directly and we will tell you more.

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With a bachelor's degree, your lifetime earnings can exceed $1 million (and even more with a graduate degree). So yeah, a college education is totally worth it.

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First-year students receive more than $20,000 in financial aid from various sources.

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2021-22 Tuition and Costs

General Information

St. Ambrose University sets rates for tuition and fees each fall. Tuition, fees, room and board are due each semester before students attend class, unless payment arrangements are made with Student Account Services.

Policies regarding financial aid – such as refunds, code of conduct, satisfactory academic progress, and withdrawals – can be found on the Financial Aid Policies page.

All students attending St. Ambrose University pay a technology fee based upon courseload. Some courses carry additional fees.

Undergraduate Tuition

2021-22 Tuition

Full-time (12-18 credits): $33,290/year; $16,645/semester

Part-time (1-11 credits): $970/credit hour (16-week courses); $486/credit hour (accelerated and online courses)

Undergraduate Fees

2021-22 Undergraduate Fees

Undergraduate/Accelerated students taking 12 or more credit hours $280/yr. ($140/semester)
Undergraduate/Accelerated students taking 11 or less credit hours $140/yr. ($70/semester)
Matriculation $75

Graduate Fees

2021-22 Fees

Graduate level students taking 9 or more credit hours $280/yr. ($140/semester)
Graduate level students taking 8 or less credit hours $140/yr. ($70/semester)

Graduate Assistantships

Most of our graduate programs offer graduate or departmental assistantships, which might include stipends or tuition benefits. Graduate assistantships typically contribute 20 hours of work each week, and their appointments may be anywhere on campus, including:

  • Research with College of Business faculty members
  • Handle public relations with the sports media
  • Organize Wellness and Recreation activities and events
  • Coordinate and develop student activities

To learn more about a graduate assistantship opportunity or inquire about open positions, please contact Human Resources.

Adult Accelerated Tuition and Aid

Rates are effective Summer through Spring.

2021-22 Tuition

  • $486/credit hour accelerated courses
  • $486/credit hour/100% online programs*

*This rate does not apply to students taking a mixture of seated and online classes.

Financial Aid

Once you are admitted to St. Ambrose (fully or conditionally) you are eligible for federal and state grants and student loans. You need to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), which will ask for the SAU Federal School Code, which is 001889.

Iowa residents must file by July 1 to be eligible for the Iowa Tuition Grant ($6,200). Most grant, loan, and scholarship programs require you to maintain a minimum number of credit hours per semester. Here is a sample of the minimum credit hours required:

  • Pell Grant - 1
  • Iowa Tuition Grant - 3
  • Federal Loans - 6
  • SAU academic scholarship - 12

*Students attending seated courses will incur an additional $60 per credit hour fee for online classes.

Tuition Refund Insurance

St. Ambrose has partnered with Sallie Mae to offer an opt-in tuition insurance plan. Participation in the tuition insurance plan is optional and St. Ambrose University does not administer the program. The University's withdrawal and refund policies are applicable whether or not you enroll in the tuition insurance plan.

Each year thousands of college students are unable to complete classes for the semester due to unforeseen medical issues such as illness, accidents, concussions, or issues related to mental health.

Unfortunately, in many cases these families are unable to recoup all of their tuition dollars. At St. Ambrose, depending on the timing of the withdrawal, there may be circumstances where you may not be eligible to receive a full refund of your tuition and fees. We understand these types of situations can be a financial hardship for many families. Therefore, we are pleased to make available the Tuition Refund Insurance plan.

Tuition Refund Insurance can help refund your tuition, fees, and room/board charges - up to the policy limits - if you are unable to complete the semester due to a covered medical reason such as an illness, accident, or mental health issue (two-day hospital stay required for mental health-related issues). This insurance program complements and enhances our school's refund policy, and we believe families will benefit from this added protection.

Visit GradGuard for more information.

2021-22 Housing and Meal Plan Costs

Prices below are per semester.


  • Traditional Hall, double (Davis double, Davis single): $2,660
  • Traditional Hall, double (Cosgrove): $3,160
  • Traditional Hall, double (Bechtel, Franklin, North, Rohlman): $3,630
  • Preferred Housing, double or single (Houses): $4,050
  • Preferred Housing, double (Tiedemann, Townhouse, McCarthy): $4,160
  • Preferred Housing, single (North): $4,305
  • Preferred Housing, single (Hagen): $4,510

Super Single (one person in a double occupancy room)

  • Davis: $3,490
  • Cosgrove: $4,005
  • Bechtel, Franklin, North Trad, Rohlman: $4,470
  • Tiedemann/Townhouse/McCarthy/House: $5,195

Housing Deposit: $100 due with deposit; $150 applied to first bill

Meal Plans

  • 7 Meals + $225 spending/per semester: $1,790
  • 12 Meals + $275 spending/per semester: $2,270
  • 19 Meals + $200 spending/per semester: $2,515
  • Flex 160 + $100 spending/per semester: $2,355

Students who live on campus are required to choose a meal plan.

Meal Plan Changes and Appeals

Meal plan change and appeal processes are available on the Housing Options and Meal Plans portal page.


If you would like to receive a copy of your signed housing contract, please email

Summer 2021 Rates

For all summer residents

All summer residents will be expected to abide by university policies as well as Covid guidelines, including a daily symptom check. We will maintain isolation housing units in the event resident(s) test positive.

SAU Students


  • Any SAU student is eligible to contract to live on campus in the summer.
  • Students working on campus are eligible for free housing depending on the number of hours worked.
  • Students working at internships approved through the SAU Career Center qualify for a 50% reduction in housing costs.

Visiting Interns

This rate is for non-SAU college students who are working in the Quad Cities.

Hagen or North (Single): $26/day

Read the Terms and Conditions and submit your $250 housing deposit

Financial Aid

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