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Biology is a fundamental contributor to understanding how the world works. Those who study biology become equipped with the skills needed for a wide variety of careers including ones in research, health care, education and environmental professions.

St. Ambrose Biology students are trained to think like scientists by designing experiments and
generating data to answer thoughtful questions about the world around them.


Why Biology at St. Ambrose?

Why study Biology at St. Ambrose?

Dedicated faculty and rare undergraduate opportunities – such as using a cadaver lab and conducting research – separate St. Ambrose from the rest.

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Your Career

Your Career in Biology and Related Fields

Whether you dream of pioneering the next breakthrough in biotechnology, teasing apart a food web in a vanishing rainforest, or improving lives through health care, studying Biology at SAU will help you achieve that goal.

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Degrees and Programs


The Biology Department has a broad, flexible curriculum. Courses focusing on human biology introduce scientific principles to non-science majors. Additionally, with a concentration in Biomedical Science, biology majors will gain a strong background for medical training.

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Biology courses, coupled with supporting course work in chemistry and statistics, provide an excellent foundation for entrance into the job market, or a number of different post-graduate professional programs or graduate-level research in any biological sub-discipline.

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