Master of Speech-Language Pathology

Whether you are drawn to working with the children or adults, we have a program that gives you the skills to improve the speech – and lives – of others.

At SAU, our two-year MSLP program allows you to complete your degree quickly without shortchanging the experience.

Our graduates work at Mississippi Bend Area Education Agency, UnityPoint Health, Cicero (IL) School District, and many others.

Ambrose Advantages

  • Start Clinical Experience Your First Semester
  • Only Private University In Iowa Offering Graduate SLP
  • See the Sound/Visual Phonics Incorporated Into Your Education
  • Accredited Program With Quality & Caring Faculty

Darci Becker and Student with Brain Model

MSLP with child

MSLP Student and Adult Patient

Our MSLP students collaborate with other health care professionals, work closely with experienced faculty during clinic and research projects, and focus on improving lives. At SAU, you gain the confidence and freedom to grow as a practitioner in a high-demand field.

See our fact sheet on the MSLP program (pdf)

More Information about the MSLP Program

What will I learn?

Courses include diagnostics, research methods, early intervention, dysphagia, critical thinking, fluency disorders, voice and resonance disorders, clinical reasoning, and more.

You get clinical experience starting your first semester. The second year, you complete two internships, each 10 to 12 weeks, and they can be completed outside the Quad Cities area. You also complete a research project and participate in service learning.

Graduates of our program will be eligible for American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) certification and other relevant state credentials.

What makes the SAU program unique?
  • St. Ambrose offers extensive clinical supervision. Often times, faculty supervise more than half of clinical contact - double the 25 percent required by ASHA.
  • Our established partnerships with community agencies allow you to develop and refine clinical skills in early childhood centers, after-school programs, rehabilitation facilities and private and public schools.
  • Work directly with patients in the Interprofessional Healthcare Clinic. Here, you team up with graduate students in Social Work, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physician Assistant Studies programs to provide comprehensive, person-centered care to local residents. Watch this SAUtv story about the Interprofessional Health Clinic
  • We give you unique study opportunities at home and abroad during winter and summer interim courses. Read what our students said about the most recent trip to Ecuador. Click here to search our study abroad programs. 
  • Our faculty bring a wide range of experience to the classroom and continue practicing. They work in private clinics and institutional settings such as Genesis Medical Center. Read this story about how Professor Darci Becker, PhD brings her clinical experience into the classroom.
  • All students complete a graduate research project, and faculty may also incorporate students into their own research.
What are alums of this program doing?
  • Bryan Bustos Camona '17 MSLP works at the Mississippi Bend Area Education Center in Bettendorf, Iowa.
  • Lauralai Histed '15 works in the Bronx as an SLP at St. Joseph's School for the Deaf.
  • Steven Miller '16 earned his master's in educational leadership at Cardinal Stritch University in Madison, Wisc., and currently works as an SLP in the Verona Area School District, Madison.
  • Kate Johansson '14 is an SLP for the Cicero (IL) School District.     
Faculty and Staff

Elisa Huff, Professor and Program Director
Cory Kroeger, Administrative Assistant

Darci Becker, Assoc. Professor
Ann Cobb, Adjunct Instructor
Brian Foy, Clinical Instructor
Elisa Green, Asst. Clinical Professor
Stacie Greene, Clinical Director
Lori Jager, Clinical Instructor
Jeffrey Knox, Clinical Instructor
David Krupke, Clinical Asst. Professor
Rachael Suddarth, Assoc. Professor

What will my degree cost?

At St. Ambrose, we realize a graduate education is a personal, professional, and financial commitment. That is one reason we "freeze" the tuition rate when you enter the MSLP program. The One Price Tuition Plan ensures your tuition costs are consistent across semesters, making financial planning easier.

For the cohort of students entering the MSLP Program in Fall 2019, the total tuition cost is $61,519. It includes tuition, course fees, liability insurance, technology fees, matriculation fee, and graduation application fees. You may encounter additional costs, which we've outlined below.

While the cost may seem daunting, graduate financial aid, assistantships, and scholarships are available to make your degree more affordable.

Give us a call or send an email and we'll answer anything else you might want to know.

Additional MSLP Costs

  • All housing and living-related expenses
  • Books and optional course supplies
  • Parking fees (approximately $60)
  • CPR certification (approximately $47)
  • Background checks required for clinical education (approximately $76)
  • Immunizations for clinical education
  • Travel and housing during clinical education
  • Graduation regalia (cap and gown)
  • National Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) membership fee (approximately $50)
  • $75 fee for online courses during second year of program ($25 per credit hour: 2 credits fall of Yr. 2, 1 credit spring of Yr. 2)
  • National exam registration fee (approximately $120)
  • Additional cost if student chooses to enroll in Clinic Study Abroad in Cuenca, Ecuador.
Degree Requirements

Curriculum Year 1


MSLP 700 Critical Thinking and Evidence-Based Practice, 2 credits
MSLP 711 Research Methods I, 1 credit
MSLP 720 Diagnostics, 3 credits
MSLP 750 Clinic Experience I, 2 credits
MSLP 751 Professional Issues I, 1 credit
MSLP 780 Acquired Disorders of Language and Cognition, 4 credits

Winter Intersession

MSLP 755 Early Intervention, 3 credits OR MSLP 825 Multicultural Clinic Abroad, 3 credits


MSLP 712 Research Methods II, 2 credits
MSLP 752 Professional Issues II, 1 credit
MSLP 756 School-Aged Language Disorders, 3 credits
MSLP 758 Multicultural Assessment and Intervention, 1 credit
MSLP 820 Clinical Experience II, 2 credits
MSLP 790 Augmentative and Alternative Communication, 2 credits
MSLP 850 Dysphagia, 3 credits

Summer (May) Intersession

MSLP 840 Fluency Disorders, 2 credits

Year 2

Summer (continued)

MSLP 730 Motor Speech Disorders, 3 credits
MSLP 753 Professional Issues III, 1 credit
MSLP 760 Voice and Resonance Disorders, 3 credits
MSLP 835 Clinical Experience III, 1 credit
MSLP 865 Graduate Research Project I, 1 credit


MSLP 870 Child Internship or MSLP 880 Adult Internship, 10-12 weeks, 8 credits each
MSLP 866 Graduate Research Project II, 1 credit
MSLP 875 Clinical Reasoning I, online, 1 credit


MSLP 870 Child Internship or MSLP 880 Adult Internship, 10-12 weeks, 8 credits each
MSLP 876 Clinical Reasoning II, 1 credit

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