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Requirements for a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (37 credits)

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IS 103 International Experience
PSCI 130 Global Issues
IS 400/PSCI 400 International Studies Capstone

Demonstrate proficiency in any secondary language necessary for your area of emphasis - 0-6 credits

International Affairs/Global Civil Society (At least one course at 300-Level) - 6 credits
Choice of:
+PSCI 230 Global Terrorism
+PSCI 306 Model United Nations
+PSCI 309 International Politics
+PSCI 313 US Foreign Policy
+PSCI 316 International Law
+PSCI 353 Internship
+WGS 201 Women's Studies

International Arts OR International Culture - 6 credits

International Arts (At least one course at the 300-Level)
Choice of:
+AH 353 Russian Art History
+ENGL 221 Canadian Literature (ENGL 101 Prerequisite)
+ENGL 307 Romanticism (ENGL 101 Prerequisite)
+ENGL 309 Victorian Literature (ENGL 101 Prerequisite)
+ENGL 344 Modernism (ENGL 101 Prerequisite)

International Culture (At least one course at the 300-Level)
Choice of:
+IS 101 Cultures of the World
+IS 204 Selected Works of Hispanic Literature in Translation
+IS 210/+310 Special Topics in International Studies
+MUS 115 Music Culture
+SOC 210 Cultural Anthropology
+SOC 340 Race and Ethnicity
+THEO 250 Intro to Comparative Religions
+THEO 345 Intro to Religions of the West
+WGS 320 Women and Irish Film

International Communication and Commerce (At least one course at the 300-Level) - 6 credits
Choose two.
COMM 340 Global Communication
+INTL 221 Survey of International Business
INTL 322 International Marketing
INTL 372 Managing Across Cultures
INTL 374 World Regions
INTL 377 Political and Regulatory Environment of International Business

Emphasis area (At least one course at the 300-Level) - 6 credits
Choose an area: Latin America, Europe, East Asia, Africa

+ENGL 202 British Literature
+ENGL 310 19th Century Fiction
+HIST 217 Modern Europe
+HIST 337 Northern Ireland or +HIST 338 Modern Ireland
+HIST 343 20th Century Europe and the World
+PSCI 319 Comparative Politics
+SPAN 324 Intro to Hispanic Cultural Studies
+SPAN 316 Intro to Hispanic Film Studies

Latin America:
+HIST 213 Latin America
SPAN 314 Intro to Hispanic Film Studies
SPAN 316 Intro to Hispanic Film Studies
+WGS 315 Latin American Women's Issues
+WGS 210 US Latina Literature and Culture

Individualized courses of study approved by the IS director

Individualized courses of study approved by the IS director

Study Abroad
An approved Study Abroad experience of one semester or an approved shorter-term study abroad experience of one to six weeks with a special assignment (e.g., service project, internship, or special project approved by the IS director) is required.

Requirements for International Studies Minor (21 credits)

PSCI 130/IS 210 Global Issues, 3 credits
Foreign Language Proficiency through 102 (Gen Ed Requirement)
International Affairs/Global Civil Society - 3 credits
International Arts or International Culture - 3 credits
International Communication and Commerce - 3 credits
One additional course from any discipline or any area of emphasis in the IS curriculum - 3 credits

+ = satisfies a general education requirement
WI=writing intensive