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Financial Aid Office


Graduate Assistantships

Most of our graduate programs offer graduate or departmental assistantships, which might include stipends or tuition benefits. Graduate assistantships typically contribute 20 hours of work each week, which is the maximum allotment.

To learn more about a graduate assistantship opportunity or inquire about open positions, please contact Human Resources.

Number of Positions: 1

Contact Name:  Beth Lybbert, 563/333-6229,
Number of Positions: 20

Wellness and Recreation
Contact Name: Andy Milton, 563/333-6023,
Number of Positions: 1

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Contact Name: Michael Puthoff, 563/333-6009,
Number of Positions: 8

Financial Aid
Contact Name: Julie Haack, 563/333-6314,
Number of Positions: 2

Master of Accounting
Contact Name: Deb Bennett, 563/333-6266,
Number of Positions:  1

Master of Business Administration
Contact Name: Deb Bennett, 563/333-6266,
Positions available: 4

Master of Criminal Justice
Contact Name: Vickie Logan, 563/333-6166,
Number of Positions: 4

Doctor of Occupational Therapy
Contact Name: Lori Parker, 563/333-6413,
Number of Positions: 3

Master of Organizational Leadership
Contact Name: Deb Bennett, 563/333-6266,
Number of Positions: 3

Master of Social Work
Number of Positions: 6

Office of Assessment and Institutional Research  
Contact Name: Tracy Schuster-Matlock, 563/333-6049,
Number of Positions: 1

Accessibility Resource Center
Contact Name: Ryan Saddler, 563/333-6275,
Number of Positions: 1

Sports Information
Contact Name: Jeff Griebel, 563/333-6305,
Number of Positions: 1

Student Activities
Contact Name: Tim Phillips, 563/333-6259,
Number of Positions: 1