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Professional Development


Client Testimonials

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Modern Woodmen of America

Employees received personalized training on a variety of topics. 

  • Randy did an excellent job of soliciting ideas and thoughts without making us feel like we were put on the spot. I really enjoyed the class. 
  • Randy was a remarkable professor who kept the class very interesting. His examples were helpful to understand the material. 
  • Great class. I do believe that I have benefitted from the session and when I put the ideas in place will be a more effective leader. Thank you! 
  • I appreciate the insight I received on how others view me. It helped me see I do have things to contribute. I very much appreciate the side conversations with Monica and the sincere interest she showed. 
  • Dr. Forret is highly motivating. She is obviously not only a scholar - but a true teacher. She has a unique gift for bringing people into the discussion and is very engaging. The atmosphere she creates is very conducive to openness and receptiveness. I learned a great deal from her example this week. Thanks. 


Arsenal Academy - Rock Island Arsenal


  • Randy provided excellent training tools and is enthusiastic. Great teaching technics. Every RIA JMTC manager should attend this training. 
  • Great training! Instructor was extremely knowledgeable on the subject and really helped the class learn how to apply at work. 


Project Management


  • The instructor was very knowledgeable in the subject matter taught and had many examples based on his experience. 
  • Wonderful program. Will be able to actually use in real world. –Justin Snider, Modern Woodmen of America
  • Like the classroom setting and getting to discuss "human" elements of the workplace for a change. –Stephanie Estrada, Verizon 
  • Very informative! One of the best classes I have taken! 
  • Good class. Kept my attention throughout, which means I was learning something I could use. –Dwaine Shaw, Rock Island Arsenal
  • Great program! The instructor was knowledgeable and kept the participants engaged. I will recommend this program to others! –James Walden, Rock Island Arsenal 
  • Excellent organization and presentation. 
  • Content is practical - took some classes online and didn't get even a 10th out of it what I did in face to face. The value of interaction with students and instructor is exceptional. –Jennifer Fischer, Kirkwood Community College 
  • I'd previously taken an online class and this is so much more helpful. –Michelle Cutlip, Modern Woodmen of America
  • Excellent class! A cliff's notes of the cliff's notes of the PMP exam! –Kelly Baerwaldt, US Army Corps of Engineers 
  • Very thorough with a very well-versed and personable instructor. –Ellen Roberts, Vista International Operations