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Professional Development


Client Testimonials

These are just a few of the comments SAU Professional Development receives upon the conclusion of each class.

How will my organization benefit from this training?

• Stronger team relationships. –Joe Cruse
• Good team building ideas; I will use some with my team at Hon. –Marc Hilliard
• Better understanding of conflict resolution styles to make necessary adjustments. –Evelyn Staker
• I have a better understanding of how to improve the level of teamwork will boost productivity. –Greg Ferris
• I believe my capability of getting a grant accepted has gone up 100-fold. –Katrina Andybur
• I've already shared my takeaways with my supervisor who forwarded them to Senior Management at my organization. I hope that information is considered and taken to heart as we move forward on grant projects. –Sarah Goff

 The information I found most useful was ...

• All of it! I have a better understanding of what goes on in the mind of grantors, which will improve the quality of my future grants. –K. Garrison
• Budgeting! The entire class was great and I learned valuable tools to help my grant writing. –Sara Hodginis
• All aspects of this program were very helpful and was a great balance of information. –Delores Tingle
• The checklist of what to ask yourself when filling out specific portions of the grant. –Katrina Andybur
• All the little tips on how to match my mission with the grantor's mission - personal stories and examples were helpful. –Ryan Bloomberg
• All of it - the lecture was very useful comprehensive. It's obvious that Lance is knowledgeable about the subject matter. I even enjoyed walking through the grant writing process with me peers on the 2 days. –Sarah Goff
• Good content, presented in a way that held our attention, very different from some other presenters. –Candy Reid
• Enjoyed the session found it very useful. –Bill Thieme
• Dr. Monica Forret was a very engaging presenter! The information was very relevant and useful. –Kristin Lohse
• The class fulfilled all my expectation and requirements. Mr. Hollins taught at just the right level; his expertise in the subject matter was outstanding. The St. Ambrose program provided outstanding customer service! I am looking forward to working toward my Certificate in Project Management and the PMP certification. -Kathryn Miller

Project Management
  • Wonderful program. Will be able to actually use in real world. –Justin Snider, Modern Woodmen of America
  • Like the classroom setting and getting to discuss "human" elements of the workplace for a change. –Stephanie Estrada, Verizon 
  • Very informative! One of the best classes I have taken! 
  • Good class. Kept my attention throughout, which means I was learning something I could use. –Dwaine Shaw, Rock Island Arsenal
  • Great program! The instructor was knowledgeable and kept the participants engaged. I will recommend this program to others! –James Walden, Rock Island Arsenal 
  • Excellent organization and presentation.
  • Content is practical; I took some classes online and didn't get even a tenth out of it what I did in face-to-face. The value of interaction with students and instructor is exceptional. –Jennifer Fischer, Kirkwood Community College 
  • I'd previously taken an online class and this is so much more helpful. –Michelle Cutlip, Modern Woodmen of America
  • Excellent class! A 'Cliffs Notes' of the Cliffs Notes of the PMP exam! –Kelly Baerwaldt, US Army Corps of Engineers 
  • Very thorough with a very well-versed and personable instructor. –Ellen Roberts, Vista International Operations