Transfer Courses To SAU

The colleges/universities listed are those for which St. Ambrose University has established an equivalency table. These tables should be used for students transferring courses TO St. Ambrose. If you're transferring out, it's recommended that you contact the other institution.

This feature will allow you to obtain an unofficial transfer credit evaluation to assist you in your course planning for St. Ambrose University. If you don't see an equivalency, contact the Registrar's Office.

Please Note:

  • Courses taken at two-year institutions/Community Colleges may NOT be counted toward the 300-level requirement.
  • Equivalencies are subject to change.
  • Scott, Muscatine, and Clinton Community Colleges are all listed under Eastern Iowa Community College District.
  • Credit for college-level work is granted in all areas that correspond to courses offered at St. Ambrose University with a grade of a "C" or better.
  • Courses from accredited two- or four-year institutions designated writing intensive on transcript or in catalog description will transfer to St. Ambrose. However, two-year college courses cannot be used to meet the WI requirement for a 300- or 400-level course.

Use this easy resource to see how your courses transfer to SAU (course equivalencies)

1. Select your current school.
2. Click on Equivalency Search to the right of the school name to see a complete list of all evaluated courses.
3. Click on the Notes icon (when available) to the right of each course to view detailed info.
4. Click on the View icon next to the course name to view equivalency information.

If you have specific questions, email the Registrar with course number and institution name.

Registrar Course Equivalencies

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