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The Doctor of Physical Therapy program at St. Ambrose University offers a number of continuing education opportunities.

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We value serving our profession by giving back to our alumni, clinical partners, and clinical instructors across all settings. We commit to scholarship and service as we advance the profession of physical therapy to enhance the health of our communities.

The fall and spring sessions will occur via Webex for you to receive free CEUs. Registration is required.

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All Courses

Orthopaedic Course Series

The St. Ambrose University Physical Therapy department is providing advanced level courses in the area of orthopaedics. 

Therapists who successfully complete the 6-course sequence will earn a Certificate in Manual Therapy (CMT) and may use the designation CMT. These courses will involve lectures, laboratory sessions, pre-course readings, and post-course assignments.

The overall purpose of this course series is to:

  1. Enhance therapists' knowledge of musculoskeletal patient management and manual therapy treatment philosophies and approaches.
  2. Develop therapists' clinical reasoning and manual therapy skills for the management of patients with musculoskeletal disorders.
  3. Prepare therapists to analyze, synthesize and apply current evidence in the management of patients with musculoskeletal disorders.

All courses will be offered in conjunction with our Orthopaedic Clinical Residency Program.

Courses will be limited to 32 physical therapists, and there is an expectation that attendees complete reading assignments prior to each course. Participants must take Manual Therapy I prior to enrolling in other any other courses.

Primary Instructors
Kevin P. Farrell, PT, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT
Candi Gardner, PT, DPT, OCS, CMT

Tuition and Registration

The below table shows the breakdown of tuition associated with the courses.  The 2022 course series schedule is listed here (PDF).

All registration and payment for courses must be done through the Physical Therapy Department's online registration system.

For those who need special accommodations or if you have questions about registration, contact our office at 563-333-6403.

Course NameContact Hours*CostSAU Alumni/QCCCE Member
Remaining Cost after
Clin Ed 
Voucher is applied
Manual Therapy I 12 $400 $375 $200
Manual Therapy II
20 $550 $500 $350
Manual Therapy III 20 $550 $500 $350
Manual Therapy IV 8 $225 $215 No Voucher Accepted
Radiology 18 $525 $475 $325

A limited number of Clinical Education Vouchers will be accepted for these courses. Efforts will be made to ensure that there is a distribution of clinical sites that are able to use vouchers. Multiple vouchers from the same site will not be accepted until other sites have had an opportunity to use their vouchers. An individual may only use one voucher per calendar year for the Orthopaedic Course Series.

*See Courses (above) for specific contact hours and requirements.

Register here for the Orthopaedic Course Series

Virtual Lunch and Learns

Fall 2022
  • All Lunch and Learns are Noon - 1 p.m. 
  • Registration is open until 8 a.m. the morning of each event.
  • Registrants will receive the Webex link within 1 week prior to this event.
  • Free CEUs

October 17
Register: Successful Aging Through Collaboration with Evidence Based and Community Based Programs

Course Description
Physical therapists can play an important role in supporting successful aging through encouraging exercise and helping individuals return to meaningful activities. However when the episode of care is complete, many clients struggle to maintain their improvements and could benefit from further interventions. Evidence based and community based programs can provide a mechanism for clients to take part in physical fitness, receive guidance from a trained individual and be surrounded by a community of people with similar goals. This presentation will provide attendees with knowledge on the untapped potential of evidence based and community programming with practical tips on how to use these programs to support successful aging.

At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to:
1. Describe the principles of successful aging
2. Describe the criteria for a program to be label an evidence based program
3. List community programs and evidence based programs that are designed to address successful again and chronic disease management
4. Start a relationship with community partners to facilitate referrals of clients into their programs

November 2
Register: Pain Catastrophizing and Fear of Pain

Course Description
This course is designed to review pain catastrophizing in individuals with chronic pain in contemporary physical therapy practice. This course will review the Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS) and application to physical therapy practice. Clinicians will apply knowledge to a case study. The target audience will be physical therapists and physical therapist assistants.

1. Class attendees (PT, PTA) will be able to review the pain catastrophizing scale and score the tool to assist in treatment planning in contemporary clinical physical therapy practice.
2. Class attendees (PT, PTA) will be able to summarize the research supporting the use of the Pain Catastrophizing Scale in the treatment of chronic pain.
3. Class attendees (PT, PTA) will apply information about pain catastrophizing to a clinical case study.

Spring 2023
  • All Lunch and Learns are Noon - 1 p.m. 
  • Registration is open until 8 a.m. the morning of each event.
  • Registrants will receive the Webex link within 1 week prior to this event.
  • Free CEUs

January 19
Register: High Intensity Gait Training

February - TBD

March 28
Register: Application of the Developmental Coordination Disorder CPG

Course description:In 2020, the APTA Academy of PediatricPhysical Therapy developed a Clinical Practice Guideline for providing physical therapy to children with Developmental Coordination Disorder. During this program, we will utilize the information presented in the CPG in order to understand the most beneficial assessment and treatment options for this population.

ObjectivesAfter this presentation, the learner will be able to:
1. Identify pathology, impairment and resulting impact on the quality of life with a child with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD).
2. Follow the DCD Clinical Practice Guideline to select and administer appropriate assessment tools for this population.
3. Utilize the DCD Clinical Practice Guideline to select appropriate treatment interventions for this population while applying information regarding contextual factors.

May 9
Register: Preventing Burnout

APTA Credentialed Clinical Instructor Courses

Level I and Level II Registration Details

Level I
This course addresses planning and implementing clinical education experiences for physical therapy and other health care field students.  The program is divided into two parts: (1) clinical instructor education for all participants and (2) credentialing for PT/PTAs in the course thru Assessment Centers.

Level II
From 2007 to 2017, the APTA offered the Advanced Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program (ACCIP), which was available to credentialed physical therapists to advance both clinical teaching and best practice when providing student clinical education.  The ACCIP has now been replaced with the Credentialed Clinical Instructor Program Level II (CCIP Level II), which is open to a wider audience.  The CCIP Level II both applies and goes beyond the concepts of the structured and effective learning environment from CCIP Level I to allow participants to further develop their clinical teaching skills and construct a clinical curriculum.  The program's unique philosophy and design will enable clinical educators to achieve the best outcomes for student learning. 

To register for these CI courses, please click hereIf you're planning to use a voucher please reach out to Lynn Frank prior to registration at


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