Senior Biology Students Present at Iowa Conference


At the 128th Annual Meeting of the Iowa Academy of Science in Des Moines in April, five seniors presented their research:

Gabriel Price: Garlic Mustard as a Potential Driver of Change in Soil Microbial Communities and Inhibitor of Native Species Growth

Aubrey Graham: The Effects of Crocin on Age-Related Spatial Learning and Memory Deficits of Female Swiss Webster Mice Assessed in the Radial Arm Maze

Karli Mockenhaupt: Evaluating the Ability of a Reclaimed Wetland to Remediate Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in Soil

Sydney Oppelt: Spice up your Life: Steptococcus Biofilm Inhibition by Common Household Spices

Issac Schwantes: An Analysis of the Practicality and Effectiveness of UV Irradiation as a Treatment Method For 17 B Estradiol using Danio Rerio in Vivo and High Performance Liquid Chromatography

These projects joined 240 other poster and oral research presentations by faculty, graduate, undergraduate, and Iowa Junior Academy of Science students.

Click here to see pictures from the conference

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