Pre-Professional Programs

Earning your undergraduate degree from St. Ambrose University is excellent preparation for a career in healthcare. With a background in the liberal arts, you develop critical thinking skills, an awareness of the world outside the classroom, and knowledge that spans beyond your major. After all, the world needs more STEM majors with liberal arts training.

We also have opportunities that are hard to come by at larger schools, such as undergraduate research and access to our own cadaver lab.

In the Honors Program, you can stretch your capabilities, and if you want to study and see the world, our Study Abroad program offers multiple opportunities for pre-professional majors.

Ambrose Advantages

  • Choose Your Major
  • Step-by-Step Advisor Guidance
  • Strong Academic Programs

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At SAU, we realize we may be the first step you take to a career in healthcare, so we follow your lead. Pick your undergraduate program and our exceptional faculty provide you with the educational foundation you need to take the next step, whether it is graduate school or launching a career.

So, what's next?

Are you ready to take the next step? St. Ambrose offers more than 60 programs and 27 athletic teams and sports to join on campus. Become an Ambrosian today!