Early Decision Placement


Application opens August 1.

High-achieving high school students have the opportunity to enter St. Ambrose University as First-year students and secure a place in the Department of Nursing through our Early Decision Placement Program.

The Department of Nursing admits a cohort who will complete two years of prerequisites at St. Ambrose University and begin their study in nursing major course work in the fall sessions. If you did not meet the Early Decision Placement criteria or deadlines, don't worry! There are future opportunities to enroll in the SAU nursing program. Fewer than 50 percent of students are admitted under the Early Decision Placement Program.


To be considered for Early Decision, students must meet the following minimum GPA, ACT/SAT, and course requirements:

  • 3.2 unweighted GPA
  • 23 ACT or 1130 SAT composite score 
    **Due to COVID-19 concerns and testing availability, test scores are not mandatory to be considered for Fall 2022 Early Decision Placement applications**
  • accepted by SAU for admission

Additional Requirements

The student maintains placement in the nursing program if he/she has met the Nursing admission criteria when application materials were submitted to the Nursing program (during the designated semester the student begins the Nursing program). Application opens August 1.

Click here to complete an Early Decision Application


Deb Frankie-Lasher, Advisor/Recruiter

Center for Health Sciences Education
1320 W. Lombard St.
Davenport, IA 52804

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