Parking Citations/Tickets

Parking policies are enforced 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

A citation may be issued anytime a vehicle is parked in a manner that negatively impacts the operation of the university.

Citations may be issued once every 8 hours until the vehicle is moved, towed, or immobilized. For example, a vehicle inappropriately parked in Zone 1 or reserved spaces could receive up to 3 citations per day.

Reasons you received a citation(s) include but are not limited to:

  • no permit
  • expired permit
  • parked blocking garage doors
  • parked on hashed lines
  • parked on the grass
  • parked in a fire lane
  • taking more then one space
  • not parked in a space

Owners of unregistered vehicles issued parking citations will incur a $20 service charge in addition to the fine. This charge is only issued once per year per vehicle to cover the cost of researching owner information. Fines generally range from $20 to $180.

Unpaid citations will be transferred to the student's account or deducted from faculty/staff payroll each month. Failure to pay parking citations can result in a restriction on the individual's record. University students, faculty, and staff are responsible for their guest's parking violation. Receiving three or more citations in any academic year will be considered a violation of the student code of conduct for non-compliance.

Purchase a Permit Citations/Tickets: Appeal or Pay


Parking sign

Pay your parking ticket online or in the Student Financial Services Office. Appeals can be made online.

Pay or appeal a ticket


hazard symbol

DON'T GET A TICKET! With your hazard lights/flashers activated, you are allowed 30 minutes to load/unload your vehicle in a designated loading/unloading area.

How to Appeal a Parking Citation

Parking citations may be appealed online.

Throughout the academic year appeals are generally reviewed by the Parking Appeals Board consisting of faculty, staff, and students. At times deemed appropriate by the University – such as during the first 10 days and last 10 days of any semester – appeals may be reviewed by the parking manager or his/her designee. Appeals for citations older than 10 days will not be considered unless extenuating circumstances can be demonstrated and stated in the appeal.

The Appeal Board's decision is final, unless mitigating evidence or circumstances can be demonstrated to overturn the Appeal Board decision. Mitigating evidence or circumstances must be presented to the Parking Manager or his/her designee within 10 days of the appeal decision. If the petitioner has not responded within 10 days, the Appeal Board decision is final and closed.


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