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Student Experience

dalton ahrendsen

In Their Own Words

Dalton Ahrendsen

Major: Sport Management
Minor: Management and Marketing

The Management minor at St. Ambrose University has provided me with great insight into some of today's important business practices. Some of my favorite management classes that I have taken at St. Ambrose include: Human Resources Management, Entrepreneurship, and Organization Theory & Behavior. The professors of those classes have created a fun and very effective approach to help students understand important topics. While using real life examples, case studies, personal experiences, videos, and many more interesting teaching mediums they make learning about management easy.

I would recommend taking a management class to anyone. Even though I'm a Sport Management major I plan to apply much of the information I have learned from management classes to my future. I now know that I want to be an entrepreneur, and the management minor has helped me understand what it is going to take to build and sustain my own business.

oliviaOlivia Rush '14

Major: Management and Marketing
Minor: Spanish and Organizational Leadership

I would strongly advise pursuing a degree in management, because it's useful in all careers. If you have an interest in an area in addition to management, I would suggest having two majors. It's possible to graduate in four years with two majors and will cause a more diverse educational background, which is always good when making yourself stand out to potential employers.

Also, I would recommend to all management majors to study abroad in order to expand your knowledge of cultures and other countries. Being able to manage employees from other cultures is necessary in the trending global business environment. Studying abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that will help you grow as an individual, in addition to being able to relate your experiences in your future career.

mattMatt Rosenberger

Major: Accounting
Minor: Management

All of the interviews for the big companies like Deere and CAT use behavioral-based interviewing techniques. For me, I feel like I have picked up on how to effectively manage a team and take all of the terms and information into the interviews with me and relate them to other groups I have been apart of.

Teams are getting more and more popular in the business world and employers want to make sure you can work with other people. When looking forward, I will try to take on managerial roles in my projects because I truly feel that I know how to manage a team now, which is what employers like to hear.


Steve Van Dyke, Director of Economic Development, City of Bettendorf

The city partnered with St. Ambrose and its business students to research annual reports produced by a variety of companies. In a real-world application, students uncovered clues to help grow economic development in the Quad Cities.

Hilltop Campus Project

Scott Tunnicliff, Director of the Hilltop Campus Village, explains how Management students helped develop a marketing strategy for a Davenport neighborhood undergoing economic development. Students made a video, examined the Hilltop from a consumer perspective, and then offered solutions.

"It's easy to state problems," Tunnicliff says in the video, "but if you offer some solutions, it gives you another way of looking at things. ...It was critical in the process."