Student Government Association

Throughout the year, the Student Government Association facilitates and participates in numerous activities and initiates various policy proposals that benefit the student body.

As a representative body, SGA strives to encourage student leadership on campus in order to promote a healthy relationship between students and faculty/staff through dialogue with the university administration in order to better serve the undergraduate student body and enrich the Ambrosian experience.


Weekly Meetings

Sundays at 8 p.m.
Rogalski Center, Gottlieb Conference Room

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SGA Leadership

Executive Board
Student Body President: Matthew Mahoney
Student Body Vice President: AJ Petersen
Treasurer: Cameron Alvarez
Secretary: Emily Studt

Senior Class
Class President: Caitlin Nelson
Senator: Jescelynne Gibbons
Senator: Sarah Jacob

Junior Class
President: Bernadette Augustyn
Senator: Sam Lang
Senator: Alexandra Newenham
Senator: Emily Pendleton

Sophomore Class
Class President: Sara Killackey
Senator: Evelyn Nunez
Senator: Faith Boyd
Senator: Charlotte Flynn

Freshman Class
Class President: McKenna Curzon
Senator: Brianna Gasca
Senator: Emily Seaman
Senator: Katie Pendleton

Athletics: Christian Grady Jr
Non-Traditional/Transfer: Holland Block
Cosgrove: Sarah Willman

History of SAU SGA

The Beginnings of SGA
With the needs of the students growing, the demand for a representative organization, consisting of students, began to grow too. The students rallied together and elected nine students to sit on a Student Government Board. The then St. Ambrose College granted and recognized the creation of the Student Council. The first formal meeting was during the fall semester of 1926.

From the 1925-1926 Yearbook
"During the scholastic year, 1925-1926, the Student Council was organized in the College Department. The purpose of this organization is to cooperate with the faculty and the administration of all matters pertaining to the student body. It tends to better the morale of the students by placing on their shoulders a share of the responsibility in managing their affairs and gives them an opportunity for self-expression, whether personally or through their representatives.

"All classes will have at least two representatives on the Student Council. The freshman are allowed two delegates, sophomores three, juniors four, and seniors five. The president and the vice-president of the senior class are ex officio president and vice-president of the Council. The presidents of the freshman, sophomore and junior classes are ex officio members of the Council. The delegates hold weekly meetings at which anything of student interest is discussed. Recommendations are voted on and then, subject to the approval of the Council advisor and Board of Discipline, are put into effect."

Senate 1925-1926
President.................Forrest Ensfield
Vice President.........Matthew Hart
Advisor....................Rev. M.A. O'Connell

Senior Representatives:
Harold Baker
Don Carmody
Sebastian Menke
Howard Urie

Junior Representatives:
Robert Bloom
Francis Marlin
George Cummins
Kenneth Martin

Sophomore Representatives:
John Burns
Michael Manjoine

Freshman Representatives:
James Hanley
William Kerrigan

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