The Buzz

Student Newspaper

The Buzz is the official, student-run e-newspaper of St. Ambrose University and governed by the SAU Communications Department Publications Board.

The newspaper migrated to a digital format in 2020 to ensure students have the opportunity to write for an online media platform. The Hive is the media hub for SAU’s Communication Department and showcases (as well as archives) student stories and media projects including SAUTV newscasts and broadcast stories, KALA Radio podcasts, and the traditional media reporting for The Buzz.

The Buzz publishes four issues per semester and covers a variety of topics including campus news and events, sports, and feature stories.

All students who enjoy writing or are pursuing careers in communications are strongly encouraged to write for the Buzz.

The Buzz fulfills the COMM 332 Practicum course requirement for multimedia journalism majors and minors and would also satisfy non-major electives for all students.

You can take up to six credits total while working on The Buzz.

Check out some of our past articles and stories at or email us.

'The Buzz' Online Multimedia Journalism Program

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