Sting Motorsports

Founded in Spring 2017, Sting Motorsports welcomes any undergraduate or graduate students for membership.

How to join

Contact faculty advisor Andrew Lutz. Dues are $25 which counts as membership to the SAE.

What's exciting about this club

The annual SAE competition: Each year, members design, build and test a single-seat, off-road vehicle. At the competition, their vehicle is one of 100 cars representing both domestic and international universities.

The competition tests the car's maneuverability, handling, acceleration, rock climbing capability, and towing capacity.

On the final day of competition, the entire field competes in a four-hour endurance race with various obstacles (mud bogs, jumps, hills, stumps, etc.).

Read this story about the grant we received from the Arconic Women's Network.

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So, what's next?

Are you ready to take the next step? Click on the visit button below to learn more about our virtual and in-person visit options.