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Environmental Studies

This program challenges students to explore our physical environment from various perspectives, from literature to theology, and biology to sociology.

Through the successful completion of this interdisciplinary minor, students will learn diverse approaches to understand, relate to, and responsibly manage non-human nature. The coursework supports a scientific understanding of ecosystems; a philosophical, theological, artistic and literary basis for relating to the environment; socio-political, economic and historical contexts; and hands-on experience in conservation, preservation and restoration.

Gaining Admittance
You and your advisor need to consult with Program Coordinator Rev. Robert Grant.

Requirements for an Interdisciplinary Minor in Environmental Studies (18 credits)

+BIOL 109 Environmental Science
+PHIL/THEO 311 Environmental Ethics
+ENGL 246 Literature of Place or WI-ENGL 319 Writing About Place
ENVS 400 Environmental Studies Capstone (1-3 credits)

6 credits of "green" electives from the following:
ECON 335 Environmental Economics
+NSCI 205 Physical Geography
+PSCI 375 Environmental Politics, Policy and Law
Any general education Biology course