Bryon Ballantyne, PT, PhD


Teaches human gross anatomy as well as evidence-based practice. His clinical experience is mainly in the area of outpatient orthopaedics.

He has received recognition for accomplishments in clinical research and has authored several research articles related to motor control and biomechanics of lower extremity injuries

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Education and Training

  • PhD, University of Iowa Physical Rehabilitation Science
  • MA, University of Iowa Physical Therapy
  • Certificate of Physical Therapy, University of Iowa
  • BA, University of Northern Iowa Biology

Areas of Professional Interest

  • Evidence-Based Practice


Ballantyne BT, Riley N. Balance ability, balance confidence, and postural control during gait initiation in community-dwelling older adults. . Exercise and Physical Activity in Aging Conference (EXPAAC), APTA Section on Geriatrics, Indianapolis, IN, 2016 (poster presentation)

Riley N, Ballantyne BT. iPad use in the first year of a DPT Program - a pilot study. APTA Combined Sections Meeting, Indianapolis, IN, 2015 (poster presentation)

Howard J, Mandac J, Murphy J, Weihler K, Ballantyne BT. Risk factors for medial tibial stress syndrome: a systematic review with meta-analysis. APTA Combined Sections Meeting, San Diego CA, 2013 (poster presentation - abstract published in J Orthop Sports Phys Ther, 43(1):A102, 2013)

Ballantyne BT. Use of Partial Body-Weight Support to Improve Sit-to-Stand Performance in a Mobility-Impaired Elderly Person: A Case Report. Exercise and Physical Activity in Aging Conference (EXPAAC), APTA Section on Geriatrics, Indianapolis, IN, 2010 (poster presentation)

Ballantyne BT. Partial body weight support during the sit-to-stand movement decreases vertical ground reaction force and muscle activity in healthy young adults. APTA Combined Sections Meeting, San Diego, CA, 2010 (poster presentation)

Ballantyne BT, Shields RK. Quadriceps fatigue alters human muscle performance during a novel weight bearing task. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2010; 42:1712-1722.

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Courses Taught
  • DPT 500 Human Gross Anatomy, Fall Semester
  • DPT 531 Functional Anatomy, Fall Semester
  • DPT 650 Issues in Research I, Spring Semester
  • DPT 705 Critical Inquiry, Spring Semester

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