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Doctor of Physical Therapy


Human Movement Studies Lab

The Human Movement Studies Laboratory is a research and education facility focused on the study of human biomechanics and motor control in health, aging, and disease.  

Research is conducted using state-of-the-art measurement techniques including kinematic, kinetic, and electromyographic analyses.

While the facility is managed by faculty from the Physical Therapy Department, it is the goal of those conducting research in the laboratory to collaborate with interested faculty from other departments across the university, as well as individuals in the community who may wish to participate. In addition, the laboratory provides a facility for DPT students and undergraduates to be exposed to advanced measurement systems and to interact with faculty researchers.

The laboratory is located on the Genesis Medical Center West Campus, adjacent to the St. Ambrose University Center for Health Sciences Education. Equipment available in the lab includes: 8 infrared cameras; 10-meter walkway; 2 three-dimensional force platforms; 10 EMG amplifiers; and Cortex and Visual 3-D motion capture and analysis software.

Research Activities
1. Age and mental processing on balance performance in healthy adults.
2. Gait initiation in older adults
3. Effects of Yoga in older adults
4. Development of a rudimentary biomechanical model to produce a low-cost prosthetic hand that might later be tested in patients with amputations.

Teaching Activities
1. DPT 530: Kinesiology/Biomechanics
2. KIN 361: Kinesiology