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Free academic support services

The Student Success Center offers free academic support services through tutorial sessions, study groups, and supplemental instruction to all undergraduate St. Ambrose students in a low pressure setting.

Center staff support undergraduate students in their learning and contribute to their growth and development as learners.

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For all undergraduates


In-Person Tutoring

The Student Success Center offers academic support through tutoring, study groups, and supplemental instruction.

Hone your study skills

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Making sense from the notes you took in class or a lab is a skill you learn and practice – over and over! We can help you learn how to study to get the most out of your lectures, while also teaching time management skills to learn how to fit it all in.

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Where Students Help Students Succeed

From the AmbroseZine:

The St. Ambrose Student Success Center is tucked cozily into the first-floor corner of Ambrose Hall that formerly served as the Registrar's Office.

As students filter in and out of the door, it's impossible not to notice the comfortable exchange of smiles and friendly greetings. Filled with tables, whiteboards, and snacks, the new office space made its debut in January of 2016. It houses 45 tutors, all students themselves, who devote hours each week helping nearly a quarter of SAU's undergraduate students reach their highest potential.

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Enlist Our Help

Peer Tutoring

The Student Success Center Tutorial Program supplements what you learn in the classroom. You receive small-group tutoring and study group sessions for 100 and 200-level courses led by other students who have been through the same classes as you.

These tutors help you better understand course content and develop study strategies for your current and future courses at St. Ambrose.

Writing Tutorials

You can receive help on writing any of your undergraduate papers. Student Tutors help with all phases of the writing process, including clarifying and organizing ideas; drafting and revising; and citing sources properly.

In addition to face-to-face assistance, you also have the option of submitting your paper online to one of the tutors.

Supplemental Instruction

This type of academic help is for traditionally difficult courses, such as Organic Chemistry or Anatomy.

Helping you through these courses are other students - usually juniors or seniors - who already have taken the course and demonstrated proficiency. They attend the same lectures as you, so they're up to speed on what's been covered. Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leaders also receive training on how to further encourage and increase your learning.

Study Skills and Time Management

The Student Success Center staff is specially trained in guiding you, the young adult, through college. Some of that includes help in adjusting to the additional demands of university life such as time management and developing good study habits.

Remember: we want you to succeed!


Maureen Baldwin

Student Success Center
Ambrose Hall, 1st floor
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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