Interprofessional Opportunities

For Students and Faculty

Students in programs within the College of Health and Human Services experience a level of education that sets it apart from other institutions.

Interprofessional education is a key component of all health sciences programs that allows students to gain knowledge outside their primary field of study. 

Interprofessional Health Clinic

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Co-Curricular Events

  • Interprofessional Day (held twice per year)
    Students from every program in the College of Health and Human Services study a rehabilitation-based case in the fall and a school-based pediatric case in the spring. The Philosophy Department introduces an ethics component.
  • TeamSTEPPS
    Taught by faculty in Nursing, OT, PT where students learn team building skills, communication, and interprofessional collaboration to improve safety of service
  • Interprofessional Clinic – Student-run
    Underserved populations visit this clinic and are treated by OT, PT, social work, and speech-language pathology students (with the presence of faculty). Students conduct a combined assessment, intervention planning, and electronic documentation.
  • Jim's Place – Occupational Therapy Outreach
    The Occupational Therapy program's outreach services provide students learning opportunities and serves clinicians and clients in the community.
  • Flu Clinic
    Nursing and Physician Assistant students, faculty and staff collaborate with the Scott County Health Department to provide influenza vaccine prevention through a flu clinic partnership focused on serving CHHS stakeholders. This event provides opportunity for interprofessional interaction in a teaching environment and service to the community.

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  • Joint teaching occurs between PT/OT in lymphedema; PT/PA in a research course; PA/Master in Exercise Physiology; Study Abroad in Ecuador with OT/SLP/SW and Teacher Education.
  • Theatre students volunteer as patients with certain diagnoses for PA students and student leaders from various health sciences clubs organize learning and social opportunities
  • CHHS faculty present their current research at an annual colloquium

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