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Occupational Therapy Assistive Technology Lab and Services

The St. Ambrose University Occupational Therapy Department is proud to have a practical outreach and assistive technology program.

This is a resource for students, healthcare providers, clinicians, teachers, potential clients, caregivers, and community members to help them serve others in need by improving function in their life roles. Person-centered, occupation-based, health and wellness training, physical environment modifications, and assistive technology for daily living are emphasized. 

This includes Jim's Place, a home showcasing adaptations for independent living in the home.

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Welcome to Jim's Place
SAU Assistive Technology

The Occupational Therapy Assistive Technology Lab began in 1998 and has been expanding ever since through both the number of individuals served and educational offerings. Right here in Davenport, Jim's Place showcases how a home can be adapted for independent living in the home.

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Jill Schmidt, OTD, Program Chair and Director

Occupational Therapy
Center for Health Sciences Education
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52804

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