Program Outcomes

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Class of 2019Class of 2020Class of 2021
Graduation Rate 100% 100% 100%
First Time Licensure Pass Rate 100% 94% 86%
Ultimate Licensure Pass Rate 100% 97% 100%
1 Year Employment Rate 100% 100% n/a


Class of 2022Class of 20232-Year Average
Acceptance Rate 30% 26% 28%
Matriculation Rate 59% 77% 66%

Acceptance Rate: Number of applicants invited out of qualified applicants
Matriculation Rate: Number who attend out of number invited

Healthcare Programs Score Triple Play On Licensure Exams


Michael Puthoff, PT, PhD, Program Director

Doctor of Physical Therapy
Center for Health Sciences Education
1320 W. Lombard St.
Davenport, IA 52804

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