Health and Performance Testing

The Exercise Physiology Laboratory at St. Ambrose University houses equipment that can be used to assess health or inform training for sport performance. This includes measurement of aerobic and anaerobic power, energy expenditure, blood biochemistry, and body composition.

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Appointment and Payment Details

Testing Conducted in the Wellness and Recreation Center

We cannot accept insurance as payment for any of our services. Payment will only be accepted in the form of credit and must be made prior to testing.

Location and Parking
SAU Wellness and Recreation Center (WRC)
Campus Map

Parking is available in the Rogalski Center parking lot which is directly adjacent to the WRC.

Exercise Physiology Tests

VO2 Max

VOmax determines the maximal rate at which your body consumes oxygen.

It is generally considered the best indicator of cardiorespiratory fitness and requires maximal effort.

Employee/Student/Alumni: $100
General Public: $125

Lactate Threshold

This test determines the greatest exercise intensity at which a metabolic steady-state is achieved.

Exercise beyond this intensity is unsustainable and you will soon fatigue. Blood lactate will be assessed via finger or earlobe prick throughout the graded exercise test.

Employee/Student/Alumni: $125
General Public: $150


This test determines anaerobic power and capacity. It requires a 30-second maximal cycling exercise bout.

Employee/Student/Alumni: $50
General Public: $75

Body Composition

A body composition test determines your body fat percentage. We will use calipers, which measure the thickness of your skin at various sites on your body. From there, we can estimate body fat percentage.

Employee/Student/Alumni: $10
General Public: $15

Resting Metabolic Rate

This test determines how many calories you burn at rest and what percentage of those calories come from carbohydrate and fat. It's recommended that you fast at least 12 hours before this test in order to obtain accurate results.

Employee/Student/Alumni: $100
General Public: $125

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