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You play a vital role in the success of our students – now and in the future.


You're important to us.

Whether it's mentoring a student, attending a Career Fair, offering internship and job opportunities or speaking to a class about how to advance in the "real world," our local and regional employers play a vital role in the success of our students – now and in the future.

We are eager to partner with you. Click here to begin the conversation on how we can work together to achieve your goals. You can also check out our calendar to learn more about upcoming events

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A Multicultural Experience

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The Ambrosian community is dedicated to welcoming, appreciating, and understanding different cultures. Approximately 22% of our students identify as belonging to a minority group.

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Why Hire an Ambrose Student?

"The SAU student intern provided a fresh perspective into how we operate as an agency, allowing us to re-evaluate tasks and increase productivity. The intern exceeded our expectations and has made clear the specific character traits and work ethic we desire in our future employees."
-Probation officer, U.S. District Court, Central District of Illinois

"She implemented creativity, flair, and an engaging tone.... She knew the market we were targeting and spoke directly to them. On a professional note, she was punctual, came prepared with the appropriate amount of knowledge through her coursework, had goals she wanted to accomplish and saw them through during her entire time here with us."
-Manager, QC Botanical Center


We make recruiting an Ambrose student pretty easy. We start with an excellent product: OUR STUDENTS. 

Employers tell us that St. Ambrose students are:

  • well-rounded, creative individuals with strong analytical skills.
  • invested in the community. The majority of Ambrose grads stay in Iowa and Illinois after graduation.
  • excellent writers due to a curriculum grounded in the liberal arts.
  • prepared to be professionals. With help from the Academic and Career Planning Office, they've practiced for interviews, polished their résumés, and are ready to contribute in meaningful ways.

Look below to learn more about how you can recruit an St. Ambrose student. Click here for a calendar of upcoming events.

Career Fairs

The Quad Cities College Career Fair will take the place of ProFair and will be presented by St. Ambrose University, Augustana College, Eastern Iowa Community Colleges, Black Hawk College and Western Illinios University - Quad Cities. 

Registration is through Handshake. Employers without a current Handshake account may be asked to create one.

The Health Sciences Career and Networking Fair is an event presented by St. Ambrose University. It allows employers to connect with students and alumni who are seeking fieldwork opportunities, internships, clinical experiences, and full-time positions in Human Performance & Fitness, Exercise Physiology, Exercise Science, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Social Work, Speech-Language Pathology, Physician Assistant, and Public Health.  Undergraduate students in Biology, Biomedical Laboratory Science, Chemistry, and Psychology who are interested in health sciences careers are also encouraged to attend.

For additional information and to register through Handshake, click here. Employers without a current account will be asked to create one.

On-Campus Interviews

Are you an employer seeking the best and brightest candidates? At SAU, we give you an exclusive recruiting opportunity that increases your visibility and brand recognition, and we'll help you manage candidates through Handshake.  

Academic and Career Planning staff will market your job opening to students and gather their application materials, including résumés, cover letters, and transcripts. Then, students schedule an interview with you on the dates and times you provide.

Drop-In Appointments

You can set drop-in hours at the Academic and Career Planning Office. This allows students to drop by throughout the day to learn about immediate openings in your company or organization. 

Drop-in hours are offered in April, May, November, and December. Schedule time by calling us at 563-333-6339.

Give Career Advice

When you look back on your first job after college, what do you wish you knew then? Did someone help you along the way?

We want our students to have the best chance at success right off the bat. Below are some fun – and interesting – ways you can get involved.

Volunteer as a Career Advisor

You can help our students grow and develop by sharing your career experience and knowledge. Talk to a student about what they need to be doing now to be successful in your field, about internship and job shadow opportunities, and discuss other career-related topics. 

Your time, tips, and guidance will make a huge impact on a student's professional journey.


  • To foster relationships between St. Ambrose alumni/friends and current students to enhance their career knowledge and the importance of setting goals.
  • Create a resource for students to help them build a professional network and conduct a successful job search.
  • Give alumni and friends of the university a unique opportunity to give back.


  • You get to develop the future workforce while giving back to the Ambrosian community.
  • Enhance your coaching skills. 
  • Satisfaction from helping students and fellow alumni grow and develop into professionals.  

Register to Serve as a Volunteer Career Advisor*

*If you register for this program, it is NOT guaranteed that a student will contact you

Employer Showcases

At an Employer Showcase, you get to shine a spotlight on your company or organization and talk directly to students – who are preparing to work in your field – about why they would want to join your team. 

At a recent Accounting Employer Showcase, seven local employers each gave a two minute-pitch and talked about full-time, part-time and internship opportunities. Afterward, the students spent time networking with all of the company representatives. 

At St. Ambrose, we offer more than 60 undergraduate programs of study, as well graduate and doctoral programs. No matter the field you represent we have students with the skills and drive you need to move your company or organization forward. We invite you to meet them.

For more information, email the Career Center or call 563-333-6339.

Mock Interviews

Mock interviews are one of the best ways you can help prepare students for the professional world.

Many companies find behavioral interviewing is an effective method for hiring. And while we hold seminars and presentations about interviewing, we believe the best preparation for students is an actual interview.

During our fall and spring Career Fair Prep Weeks students can sign up for mock interviews with employers like you. We make it easy for you to get involved. Contact the Academic and Career Planning Office at 563-333-6339 or careercenter@sau.edu.

For additional information or if any of the registration links do not work please email us at careercenter@sau.edu 

Etiquette Dinner - Not offered in Spring 2021

Sponsor a table at our etiquette dinner and create a BUZZ on campus about your company or organization.

Benefits to the Employer

  • Network with students in a relaxed setting
  • Increase your visibility among SAU students
  • Enjoy a great meal prepared by Sodexo chefs

Email the Academic and Career Planning Office or call 563-333-6339 to sponsor a table.


Our students are inquisitive, engaged and have excellent communication skills. And when you hire one for an internship or a job, you reap those benefits (and more) of their Ambrose education. 

Using Handshake makes your hiring process easy. See the information below. 

Post a Job Opening

Through Handshake you can post jobs, internships, request recruiting schedules, review student résumés, and much more.

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Post an Internship

An internship sets an applicant apart in the hiring process. It shows they have hands-on experience, skills within their intended career path, and (maybe) made some mistakes along the way from which to learn.

You can give our students that edge by hiring one (or more) for an internship. And as an employer, you benefit, too.

You'll stay in-tune to what young professionals are seeking in a work environment, groom students for your specific industry, and gain fresh perspective and talent.

Post an Internship on Handshake | Tips for Posting on Handshake

How do internships benefit employers? 

  • Internships provide a year-round source of highly motivated pre-professionals who can bring new perspectives to old problems.
  • It increases the visibility of your organization on campus and throughout the community.
  • Quality candidates can provide temporary or seasonal help for projects, which gives freedom to professional staff to pursue more creative projects of their own.
  • Having an intern provides a flexible, cost-effective workforce that does not require a long-term employment commitment, and it is a proven way to recruit and evaluate potential employees.

We want to help you develop and manage a successful and effective internship program (pdf).

Employers: Start Here

Tips for Effective Job Descriptions and Recruiting

Students look at multiple job opportunities: full-time, part-time, or internships. Finding high-quality candidates depends on providing information that will attract students to your organization, such as organizational culture, a link to your website, and a well-developed job description.

Develop a thorough job description including the scope of daily duties associated with the position and any special projects the student may be asked to complete. Be detailed and descriptive about the expectations for the students.

If you were looking for a position, which of these descriptions would have greater appeal:

  • Student will assist with marketing of company services and make calls to local vendors. Good work ethic and customer service skills required.


  • Student will develop a media-based contact list for local advertising agencies and handle placing all print and radio advertising with suppliers within a 250-mile radius. Will work with copy editors and graphic designers on a comprehensive marketing plan and be given a project to develop for at least one major event that targets our business vendors. Qualified candidates should have experience with Microsoft Office Word and Excel, will train on database management. Candidates will be expected to work independently to meet project deadlines and as a member of a team.


  • Identify special skills or desired competencies that qualified applicants will possess (computer programs, supervisory skills, customer service experience, accounting experience, etc.). And, remember to identify elements as either required or desired and indicate any specialty training you provide. If you have too many required components and don't show any flexibility or offer training, most recent graduates or student interns may be intimidated and choose not to apply.
  • Indicate hours for the position and what kind of flexibility you have in working with students' schedules. Keep in mind that students generally can only manage 15-20 hours per week at a part-time job or internship while carrying a full class load and maintaining a respectable GPA. We always tell students that classes and academics are their priority, so your flexibility to work with changing schedules from semester to semester or during mid-terms and finals may be very attractive to students.
  • Identify a pay range or other benefits if possible. Students, like any other employee, will be attracted to positions that offer fair compensation and benefits. Also, protect your organization from Wage and Hour violations by being cognizant of the laws governing student employment and internships.
  • Provide students with clear instructions on the application process. Bee Careers offers several options to submit application materials:
    • Email a résumé and cover letter via the Bee Careers system
    • Email applications or résumés directly to a specific person at your organization
    • Sign up for on-campus recruiting through Bee Careers
    • Refer students to your website to create an online profile for a targeted position
  • Interns submit résumés through Bee Careers.
  • Monitor and respond to your job postings and résumé submissions. Students are very capable of using online job search resources, but they also want the human touch, to know someone has received it and is reviewing their application. Nothing is more off-putting to today's students than feeling like they are just a number or that their application is just going into a giant void or black hole.
  • Make sure the dates on your postings are for a 30-day period and change the dates before the posting expires if you would like to keep the position active.

Contact the us at 563-333-6339.


Academic and Career Planning Office
Rogalski Center, 2nd floor
518 W. Locust St.
Davenport, IA 52803

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